Comment on equality before the law

This is my original commentary to an article at about the equality before the law (October 21, 2019).

A storm in a teacup.
If all 67 humiliated women don’t sue Trump, what everyone else has to do?

After reading this article there is a dual feeling.
On the one hand, it is probably necessary to fight violence against women. This is being done by both the author of the article and the authors of a book I will never read - about 67 women who have been humiliated by Trump. On the other hand, why didn’t those women go to the police and legally punish Trump? In 1996, he was not the president yet, he could have been imprisoned and would not have been able to hold office #1 in the country. If the United States is a country of law and equality, let the police and the court deal with Trump.

There are a few more considerations.
1. Yes, Trump is just a boor, and it regards everything and everybody in his life. And yes, a lot of his supporters do not see that or prefer not to notice that. But people always see a part of the truth, which for some reason is beneficial to them at the moment.

2. After the first 2-3 unpunished Trump's attacks, it doesn’t matter how many more of them there were. The next book will list 167 attacks and someone will buy it too. Has Monica Lewinsky also written a book?

3. It turns out that some people in America (Trump in particular) are allowed to do everything they want to. Formally, it is considered that all Americans are equal before the law, but apparently some of them are more equal than others. Thus the conclusion is that there is a caste of untouchables in the U.S., and this is very bad for the country. Citizens’ belief in justice is undermined. I saw that in the USSR and later in Ukraine. The USSR has gone and Ukraine is very close to collapse. The injustice can destroy any state.

Comment on equality before the law
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Later I added one more comment about the same article:

I’m sorry, I rarely write two comments on one article. However, an interesting consideration came to my mind, and I decided to share it. Now the consideration is about the readers of the article. On the second day of publication the article was applauded almost 2500 times. Ok. Everything seems to be fine.

The purpose of Jessica Valenti’s article is to draw attention to the problem of sexual violence in the country in general and to the rapist-Trump in particular. Yes, it is possible and maybe necessary to talk about it. And it is even better to do something about it after, because if you just talk for a long time and do nothing, you feel impotent and frustrated because of your impotence. It works just like that, being the other side of the coin. You have to pay for your pleasure of talking.

What can Americans do about violence against women? To invent the last and the best law?

As long as humanity exists, the problem of violence (and sexual violence in particular) does. The author of the article (and the authors of the book mentioned in the article) want (and can?) solve it just by their talking? I think they can just make some money from the claps or sales of the book. I’m not against — everyone makes money how he can. Just read the story of a Nigerian prostitute who “works” in Paris. It clarifies that the problem of violence in the United States is not as acute as in Nigeria, for example. The United States is basically a country of law when it comes to safety at the streets.

Now about current American president Trump — the rapist.
What can Americans do about it? Nothing either. They (and their representatives in the Congress!) can’t even get Trump’s tax declaration. Why to talk about anything else like humiliation and even the rapes of women? Or impeachment?
Thus, about 2500 people at Medium applauded to the article about their own impotence. And how many people will buy the book? This is just some kind of masochism.

The Americans will have to put up with Trump for one more year, and then they may choose (or not) that boor again. The choice is an illusion, but at least the Americans won’t be ashamed of their president’s pranks.


P.S. Dear Reader! I am very much interested in your opinion on the subject of this article. Please, write a comment or ask a question if you want to clarify something.
Igor Chykalov
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