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This is my original commentary to an article at about asking the correct questions (November 17, 2019).

The article's title is “Impeachment can’t save us”. A few obvious questions:

1. Whom does the author mean by “us” - women? Democrats? All Americans?

2. Whom “we” cannot be saved from - Trump? The Republicans? From nationalists and racists? Are they the root of all evil?

3. Is it already the time to save America (if “we” refers to all Americans) from something? If yes, from just what? Everything in the country seems all right, it is still the first economy in the world...

4. If Trump and the Republicans really are the main problem of the US, are the Democrats a rescue then? Will the replacing Republican Trump with Democrat Biden (or Warren) in the 2020 elections change everything from the bad to the good? Does the author really think “racism, misogyny, and corruption” will disappear then?
Yes, Bill Clinton wasn’t as much a rapist and a boor as Trump, but he was also involved in a sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky. I don’t know about the corruption and misogyny - I don’t encounter them in my life. There should be something since the author talks about that.

5. The author states: "The damage to our democracy has been done, and no matter how or when Trump leaves office, we’ll need to have a major reckoning that goes beyond the Hill."
If Trump alone (even as the president) has managed to harm American democracy in just a 3 years, then either the democracy in the US is very weak, or it was harmed not just by Trump alone and not for 3 years. I would also like to remind the Americans that they voted for Trump in 2016. The author of this article certainly voted for Hillary Clinton. Then another simple question arises: why Hillary Clinton didn’t become the president having almost 3 million more voters than Trump?

6. The author writes: "We can get rid of a president who calls Mexicans rapists and nonwhite countries “shitholes,” but an impeachment won’t reduce the hate that has been stoked and encouraged over the last few years."
Here the author speaks about the hatred supposedly arisen quite recently. I watched that in different countries and knew that at the national level the hatred should take at least a few decades to unfold, if there was no war. So I don’t think this hatred (if any) exists only “last few years”. It had to start much earlier, and Trump is just stupid enough to manipulate with the thing which might tear the country apart. The main question here is: do Americans really hate someone? Or something? And if so, just whom? And what for? Who or what is the enemy?

P.S. Real understanding starts from the correct question. When (and if) the author and the Americans answer these obvious questions, the obvious answers become clear: what is wrong with the country now (maybe everything is ok?), who is to blame and what should be done. And then the respected author will be able to write not such an article, but the platform of a new party which will replace the Republicans and Democrats in the US.

Comment on asking the correct questions
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Igor Chykalov
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