My name is Igor Chykalov and you are at my website now.

The website is about becoming thyself, since:
- around 90% of people on the Earth are not “true selves” and have no idea about their dualistic nature;
- everything yours (family, friends, town, country) starts from you and if you are “false self” you have everything false, which turns life into a mess.

If to combine these two premises together, it comes out that around 90% of people in their countries are not happy because they are messed up, which is true from my observations of 3 ways of living (socialist, capitalist and “hybrid” regimes).

I lived in the Soviet Union, then in “independent” Ukraine for a good while and now I reside in the US. I had the opportunity to watch and compare these 3 ways of living. I noticed a lot of similarities in the political and economic life of different countries, which seemed to me worthwhile to be shared, and launched this website as an attempt of public education.

I KNOW that every human being is unique and has his own unique truth (and path) in life. I want you to find your ultimate truth and to prove to yourself (not to me) practically that you can always make the correct decisions and successfully act in your life. It is possible. I can show you how to see deeper, thus think differently and ultimately teach, heal and support yourself in a very effective way not being a “specialist” or "professional" in any field, but just observant wisdom lover, a “philosopher”. And I want to show to everyone the practical and fascinating side of the philosophy. It can be very practical not just for Doctors of Philosophy.

If you have questions ask me via Contacts or write a commentary to the particular article or book chapter. There is also the possibility to comment on each other’s commentaries and exchange the observations of your unique path to thyself. Sharing that experience is invaluable - we become wiser in that way. I will feature the most interesting stories and post them in the Articles category.

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All articles on the website are my own original ones and protected by the copyright. The ideas are picked up from my lifelong observations, books, different people and synthesized by me.

Like every good writer I'm sure that my vision is comprehensive and my books and articles are very profound and useful.
Please, let me know if I'm wrong.