Short Truths (excerpt)

1. Duality

Everything is dual in our world and consists of a pair of primordial opposites.

Ancient Chinese called them "Yin" and "Yang" and they are the universal driving mechanism. Everything in our world is the Duality, looking for balance between constantly changing Yin and Yang, matter and energy.

Short Truths (excerpt)
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Our Universe emerged from collision of the two cosmic objects - primary Yang (something like asteroid) and primary Yin (the black hole, which was a very dense solid object). It happened around 14 billion years ago and scientists called it "Big Bang". You and I have been there then too.
Because we are here now. Our souls have incarnated many times since then. We all are cosmic objects flying away from the center of the Big Bang in space.

Nothing exists without its opposite - life and death, God and Devil, soul and body, plus and minus, pleasure and pain, money and taxes, Internet and viruses... If you get something, you must accept the opposite as the second side of the same coin.

2. The Good and Bad

There are no "good" or "bad" things.

It is just Yin-Yang principle at work.
Any situation may work for or against you. Both ways are actually "good", because people often pursue stupid or needless goals, which would better never come true.

Good news or bad news - who knows? I watched many times how good news become bad ones and vice versa after because every story always has its continuation.

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For example, long ago a friend of mine was very upset for not getting to a cruise ship. The ship's name was "Admiral Nakhimov" and it sank after colliding with another ship in Black Sea right at the time my friend had chosen for his vacation.

And then my friend died a few painful years later from brain cancer, leaving a little son. Sometimes I think maybe it would be better for him to drown with the ship. There are things worse than death.

So it is what it is. Neither good, nor bad.

3. Hierarchies

The world is hierarchically organized and there is no end to hierarchies.

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Everything consists of its parts even such indivisible objects like atom or human. An aggregate of objects of the same qualities makes up the hierarchy.

Everyone of us is a part of higher hierarchies - family, circle of friends and colleagues, town, country, Earth, Solar System and our Universe. There should be hierarchies beyond...
This is our macrocosm. We are structural inseparable living cells of it.

In the same way we are “the universe” for our inner hierarchies - from our organs down to different cells, cell components, bio-molecules DNA/RNA, basic chemical elements and ultimately to atoms and subatomic particles. All of those are our microcosm.

Different hierarchies consist of sub-hierarchies, which can share the same space like humans, animals and plants do. Humans consider all lower levels simple (like insects or cells in our body) and all higher levels are full of mysteries.

4. Quantum Fields

Everything around is quantum fields.

In physics, a quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. It may be photon or human being. All interactions are balanced by nature like the food chain.

When Yin and Yang objects are juxtaposed, a common field arises in between which is called Quantum Field. Quantum fields can produce energy and generate other quantum fields like electric field generates the magnetic one and vice versa.

Quantum field is greater than the sum of its constituent parts by a certain new quality - like a clock can keep time, which its gears cannot perform individually.

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Everything around is quantum fields - you, car, tree, city.... Some quantum fields like love, music, mind, Internet are not material, but consist of material parts and exist amid them.

All quantum fields arise and disintegrate by themselves in due time when their constituent parts cannot maintain the quantum field of the whole. The result is human's death or collapse of a country.

5. You

You consist of the parts, too.

Every blade of grass or human carries the soul in the body. You are a quantum field engendered by the integration of the two. Your life, mind, behavior are just derivative quantum fields.

Your soul is a very small chip of the cosmic object that rammed into the black hole in Big Bang event. It hovers slightly over your crown and serves as your medium of communication with the vast universal Consciousness Field which you are a part of.

Your body also carries a small chip of the black hole in your forehead. This fragment receives the information for your body, which is conscious, unusually intelligent and organizes its biochemical life by itself.

Thus we are bio-robots being driven by interaction of the two microchips. Something like strong magnet sits in the sternum and holds all that together.

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The programming endlessly comes from the Consciousness Field like a cloud service via small material particles known in physics as neutrinos.
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