Short Intro
Nobody has time. Everybody is in a hurry.
This short introduction is for those who have no time for thyself.

The website is about becoming thyself, because almost nobody lives his life as it is intended to be. As a matter of fact around 90% of people at the Earth try to be not thyself, but somebody else - who is well known, smart, rich, successful, lucky...
Thus, the vast majority of people try to copy their idol’s look, words, actions and thus begin to live somebody else’s life. This means they leave their own path, which is unique and created just for them. But if you live not your life, you get everything (thoughts, words, actions, partners, children, friends, jobs, governments) inappropriate for you. No wonder such people cannot fulfill their purpose in life - since it is not their purpose, because it is not their life. Life turns in that case into ordeal full of frustration and suffering.

Everyone is unique and has his own unique path in life, where everything appropriate is ready for him. To follow your unique path, you need to become yourself.

Becoming thyself is a 2 steps process.
First, you need to know thyself (a theory). Over 90% of people worldwide know nothing about thyself and thus what is correct for them, so they chase the wrong things in life, which obviously brings fatigue and misfortune.

Second - you will need to put the knowledge of thyself into a practice, i.e. be thyself for around 7 years. The cells of your body will be renewed almost entirely during that period of time, so you become really “new you” as you were intended to be.
It is quite hard to be thyself - just imagine you say “no” to your long-lasting overeating or smoking, your unloved spouse, selfish children, bad friend, uninteresting job or fraudulent government.
It requires something greater, than just the courage.

If you are able to proceed with being thyself for around 7 years, that will bring you back to your own unique path in life, which you left once. Following your unique path will lead you to the opening of your full potential, fulfillment of your purpose in life, and thus realization of your unique destiny. For everyone. Because everyone has a unique individual destiny. Correctness of actions, manageable problems, inner peace, wisdom and material rewards are by-products of the process. People call all that “happiness”, so the website answers to the question “how can I be happy” in particular.
There is no other way to get there - just becoming thyself. Why it is just so is explained in “Universal Principles” series, which I am starting from.

Becoming thyself is not an easy road - you may lose some friends, spouses, children, jobs and domiciles along the way because they are not truly yours (correct for you). Instead, you open yourself to new relations and places, which belong to you and you belong there.
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” - said Lao Tzu long ago.

This website can help much with “know thyself” and a little with “be thyself”, since the second part of a journey depends just on you. Actually, the first one does either, but a second (practical) part is more complicated and an important one - it accomplishes the process. You will not become thyself just by knowing without using.
Knowing thyself means also knowing others and everything around you, which is interesting by itself and is called “wisdom”. If you do not need “happiness” you don’t have to practice the being thyself for becoming thyself. You may do whatever - you have no choice here. Actually, you have no choice at all - it is one illusion of Maya we all live in. Why it is so is also explained in the “Universal Principles” series.

If you have questions after reading ask me via Contacts or write a commentary to the particular article or book chapter. There is also the possibility to comment on each other’s commentaries and exchange the observations of your unique path to thyself. Sharing that experience is invaluable - we become wiser in that way. I will feature the most interesting stories and post them in the Articles category.

Every human being is unique and has his own unique truth (and path) in life. I want you to find your ultimate truth and to prove to yourself (not to me) practically that you can always make the correct decisions and successfully act in your life. It is possible. I can show you how to see deeper, thus think differently and ultimately teach, heal and support yourself in a very effective way not being a “specialist” or "professional" in any field, but just observant wisdom lover, a “philosopher”. And I want to show to everyone the practical and fascinating side of the philosophy. It can be very practical not just for Doctors of Philosophy.

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