About me
My name is Igor Chykalov (bowtie).

I've been born in Ukraine in Soviet times.
I graduated from Kiev Civil Engineering Institute (mechanical engineer), served in Soviet army as an officer for 2 years, worked for a while in a small business in independent Ukraine, have been married couple of times along the way and then moved to the USA.

I'm not a professional in any field of human knowledge, religion or science, which sometimes helps me to see the whole, since I need to be outside of that whole to see it. I'm just a wisdom lover and observer. I often call myself "an outstanding mediocrity" and "a wide scope dilettante".

Just like everybody else I have read books, watched TV, talked to a different people in my life in searches of working main principles, found some and ultimately formed my own ones.

Shortly, the essence is:
1. Every human being is an inseparable part of the evolution of the Universe.
2. Every human being is unique integration of the soul and the body despite we perceive thyself as the wholeness.
3. The Universe (God, Nature, Absolute) guides you via your body along your unique path in current incarnation, where everything you need is ready for you.
4. That's why the body is a senior partner in the integration which bears your name and you should listen to and obey it.
5. However, humans listen to and obey more their soul and its derivative field named Mind instead.
6. That's why many humans leave their unique path in life and try to follow somebody else's one.
7. Naturally, somebody else's path is occupied and you begin to live somebody else's life where everything is not correct for you.
8. That's why humans mostly are unhappy as distinct from plants and other animals.
9. All human's problems derive from the ignorance of p.1 - p.8.
10. There is a way to come back to your correct path - to become thyself.
11. For that you need to know thyself and to practice the being thyself.
12. Then you are able to make correct decisions, act successfully and be reasonably healthy and wealthy, i.e. get pleasure from life. Despite whatever (even coronavirus) - as long as you are on your unique path. Around 90% of humans are not.
13. The world will comply and collaborate (unbelievable, yeah?). Actually, you will "choose" a piece of it which you like and where you belong to. Guaranteed.
I explain all that in my books and articles in a more detailed way, but this is the base.

I do not belong to any political party - "No party affiliated" registered US voter.

Obviously, English is not my native language and you should have noticed that already. I've been told that my English was "understandable, but poor". Sorry for that, but it is what it is. It may be even better for simplicity.
Anyway, I'm glad my English is at least "understandable".