Universal Princiles (excerpt)

Chapter 1. Cosmos, Absolute or God

Everything we know is the materialization of energy of the
Big Bang and the by-product of evolution of our Universe.

Humans always tried to grasp what the purpose of their existence was and inevitably came to the necessity of understanding first the bigger pattern they were in. So they practically studied the planet Earth, got some information from the Moon and began to investigate theoretically other objects of our Solar System and Kuiper Belt, having no possibility to reach to them so far.

Our knowledge extends to our Galaxy - Milky Way, and then to our no-named Universe which means we know almost nothing about it, not to speak about something beyond. The Big Bang theory is now the prevailing scientific cosmological theory of development of the Universe, but there are almost no speculations about what caused the Big Bang and what was before it, if any. The physics starts its description from the moment of an expansion of the Universe when all the matter of some pre-existed state of the Universe turned from very high-dense condition into the enormously hot one due to and obviously after the Big Bang. Physicists are undecided whether the Universe began from a singularity or the current knowledge is not sufficient to describe it.

According to the Big Bang theory our universe was born as the result of an enormous explosion around 14 billion years ago. Since then it keeps expanding in space, cools down and all its objects move out from the center of the explosion. One object - our Milky Way Galaxy - is moving in space as well. It came into existence as one or several small over-densities in the process of mass redistribution in the Universe and contains among approximately 300 billion stars our star, the Sun. We live on Earth - one of eight (now without Pluto) planets of Solar System and rush along with our planet in the space and time, having been involved in a few hierarchic movements of all the above.
But what was before the Big Bang? The science doesn’t know. But something cannot come out of nothing... There should be something... Who or what has made the Big Bang happen?

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If to take seriously the statement of Hermes Trismegistus which is considered being one of the most influential ancient prophets of humanity - “As above, so below”, meaning that macrocosm and microcosm are organized identically, we can use ancient “chicken-or-egg” dilemma to understand what was before the Universe.

As regards the answer just to the question “which came first - chicken or egg?” - it is neither and both of them because the egg is the product of the bird’s reproductive system, they belong to each other and are inseparable. The ancient question “chicken or egg” is taken away from the context of time, i.e. the evolution. The chicken (a bird) with its reproductive system hasn’t come out of nothing. It evolved from a reptile, and a reptile in its turn evolved from a fish and further back to worms and first alive primitive organisms and proto-cells which appeared on Earth a few billion years ago.

The long-lasted philosophical question really was about the beginning of everything, and here the viewpoint is critical for the correct answer. “Chicken-or-egg” paradox exists just because you watch both objects from the outside, so “which came first” or “which is the cause” questions arise. If you would observe all that from the point which is inside the chicken - let’s say being a cell of the body of unborn yet fetus - you wouldn’t be able to see the chicken itself and could explore just the emerging enormous egg around, so the dilemma wouldn’t arise. But probably your curious cell would guess about the impregnation, which had to happen before, and another question would appear - what is outside of our egg? Who or what has made that impregnation happen? There should be something...

Similarly, humans are inside the body of the Universe, and the Big Bang really was the beginning of it, but:
1. There should be obviously a “Mother” of our Universe somewhere outside of its (our Universe’s) physical body and its (“Mother’s”) size is surely bigger, than the size of our growing Universe.
2. Something cannot come out of nothing. Cosmos existed before the Big Bang and humans call it Absolute or God.
3. The Big Bang was not a birth of a “child” (an egg in our example), but the impregnation - a beginning of the creation of the fetus’s physical body (an egg or our expanding Universe) inside the womb of a bigger entity which obviously existed before.
4. Everything is Daruma (Dharma) Japanese doll game, more known as Russian doll where everything is inside something greater and is locked at its place at the certain level of the hierarchy.

Taking into consideration the estimated diameter of our observable Universe - around 93 Gly (Giga or billion light years) - the picture of emerging fetus is grand and a little scary. Trying to comprehend all the above the one may come to many interesting conclusions. Here are some of them shortly, and some terms which we will be using:

- Nothing exists other than matter (Yin) and energy (Yang) which is in this matter. Any energy comes from a matter or results from an interaction of the material objects. The energy can be condensed to a matter of a certain level of frequency. Any material object has the energy of a certain frequency. Rocks and trees, for example, have much less frequency of their energy than animals, that’s why they are “inanimate” for us.

- Absolute comprises Unmanifested (Yin-Yin) world and Manifested (Yin-Yang) world as a part of Unmanifested one. Every manifestation is prepared. The Unmanifested is a hidden vast mechanism, which rules the Manifested and is the true cause of everything, which happens in the Manifested. There are manifested matter and energy and unmanifested matter and energy in our Universe. The last ones are called by scientists the “dark matter” and “dark energy”, which engender manifested matter and energy. All the Manifested is descended only from the Unmanifested, because there is nothing else the Manifested can come from. We shall call everything humans can sense with the help of their five senses or measuring instruments “the Manifested” or “our” world.

- Everything is relative and hierarchal in the world. Even Yin and Yang are relative. They can trade places and sometimes Yin can play Yang role or Yang can simulate Yin. Yin is the senior partner in their relation. The science states the dark energy and dark matter are as much as 95.1% of the content of our Universe. The remaining 4.9% is ordinary (Yin-Yang) matter and energy, included in it. The dark matter and dark energy mean Yin-Yin principle and you can see the proportion.

- Microcosm for the humans is everything from them as the whole down to their body organs, cells, bio-molecules, chemical elements and subatomic particles. Macrocosm for us is everything up to the group of people, our country, planet Earth, our Universe and further to the Cosmos - Absolute - God. Everything is hierarchal and there is no end to hierarchies up and down in Absolute. From that point of view, it doesn’t matter whether we shall find “the Mother” of our Universe and the last subatomic particle in our manifested world or not. There is no end to hierarchies. There will always be something else beyond.

- Around 14 billion years ago an object like asteroid (cosmic sperm) rammed into a black hole (cosmic ovum) somewhere in the space. The black hole was a singularity and contained all the matter in a very compressed and cold state which later became our universe. As the result, an enormous explosion took place with the release of tremendous heat (and thus - the light), and all the compressed matter of the black hole rushed out of the center of explosion. That energy got colder with the time and distance and condensed into the form of our current universe and all the diversity of different forms in it, including us. That was the beginning of building of a body of the fetus, named our Universe, which has been being in progress since then, and which we belong to as the cells, living in our Dharma Doll, named “planet Earth”. We are relatively free to move within our planet, but no further. All the content of the universe and humanity in particular are the materialization of energy of the Big Bang and by-products of the ongoing evolution of the Universe.

- All of us are quite old souls, travelling together in the space for around 14 billion years in an unknown direction, moving away from the center of the Big Bang like astronauts without spacesuits at our spaceship named “Earth” with the stock of restorable air, heat, drinks and food. Humans are restorable (self-replicating) source also. Everybody is mortal, but mankind as the whole is hierarchy of a higher level and as such lives longer than individuals because of the mechanism of incarnations. Our evolved from the first amoebas bodies are temporary sets of quarks and electrons - bonded together, vibrating, changing, separating while body dies and gathering again in another body in a new incarnation. It is a cycle for a tree, human being, mankind or the solar system. Every individual cycle is limited by the physical body of an object and lasts as long as it is needed for fulfilling the mission in the Totality.

- Our universe, which was created in the Big Bang, is still building its physical body by expanding for already around 14 billion years. Humans are tiny pieces of a matter and energy of that body of the Universe, moving in space and time, endowed with the consciousness, tightly locked at their planet by that enormous speed with no possibility to slow down or stop. And we are not supposed to do something and aren’t asked. Here all that concepts of “No Choice”, “Non-Doing”, “Life is an illusion”, “Know thyself - know the God” start from. And all of them are true - you can do nothing at such a speed, just observe and ponder.

- The above picture explains almost nothing - just one more step up (or down?) on an endless hierarchal ladder. The cosmic object which collided with the black hole surely had to exist before the Big Bang and yet to have the physical body (the embodiment of Yin-Yang principle, not pure Yang). The black hole itself had obviously to exist as well before the Big Bang just like the dirt was waiting for a seed, being the embodiment of matter-matter or Yin-Yin principle. Our universe was born in the Big Bang, but it happened not in the void. Time after time scientists find the stars or other objects in space, which according to their measurements seem to be older than the Universe. For example, the Sciencealert.com has published the information on Dec 6, 2017 about the discovery of a massive black hole in quasar ULAS J1342 + 0928 around 13 billion light-years from Earth. The scientists figured out, that this black hole had gained much bigger mass for its age than it should according to Eddington limit and default idea that our Universe and everything in it were born in the Big Bang. The scientists inferred then that either there were already massive black holes in the early Universe or their growth was faster than it is considered now in cosmology. The first guess was true. Massive black holes existed before the Big Bang and conformably before the beginning and unfolding of our Universe. The Absolute, Cosmos or “the Mother” and all its manifested and unmanifested attributes existed before. “The chicken” existed already and has always been there.

- All the forms in the Universe are endowed with the fragments of one or both collided objects, which are embedded in physical bodies of plant or star during every incarnation. Life of all the forms is a quantum field, emerging as the result of interaction of the two basic oppositional forces - Yin and Yang, being joined in one body and making the evolution of the body and consciousness possible.

- Maybe the most unexpected conclusion here is the fact that the beginning of everything we call “life” was initiated by two primary inanimate from our point of view objects. Basically, it’s very hard to distinguish between the animate and inanimate if to see the rotation of electrons around the nucleus of the atoms. Everything moves. Everything vibrates.

- The “aliveness” and “intelligence” of any object are very relative. Since everything is organized in the same way and humans are alive and intelligent this statement should be truthful for all the other hierarchies in macrocosm and microcosm. If humans are living entities, everything and everybody around should be alive also or vice versa. So does the rock in my backyard have the same aliveness and rationality as I do? From the point of view of the Universe - potentially yes, since you and the rock both are made from almost the same building materials. And no, because your body and the rock’s one are clearly differently organized, so both forms have their own possibilities and limitations. The frequency of your body is higher, for example, that’s why you can move, seem to be more “alive”, “rational” and even “conscious”, you need to eat and the rock doesn’t, you will “die” and the rock won’t... Everything is determined by the form in current incarnation.

When I am asked if I believe in God, I always specify in which one? In Big Bang which has created everything I knew? In Absolute which has caused the Big Bang? In Sun which gives me the energy or in Earth which gave me the body in this incarnation? In thyself since the microcosm and macrocosm are organized identically? So I always say “yes”. Since there is nothing other than God or Absolute around and even more - I’m a product and a part of It, It speaks and acts through me, so how can I not believe in my own existence?
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