Extended Intro
For those who have time to read the extended intro, I would recommend to read the “Short Introduction” anyway for not to miss the holistic view.

The first urge to create this website was to prevent Americans from destroying their country, because now there are big chances for the US to collapse. There are no party or political movement in the US, which shows a real understanding of the processes in the country now and suggests integrated plan for the future, based on that understanding.
That’s why the political crisis (and economical one consequently) in the US grows and Americans may lose their great country.

Something is getting wrong in the world and in the US in particular recent times. Many people seem to feel that, so something should be changed. To change something correctly, you need to understand what is going on. Actually, almost nobody does for some reasons. So one of the tasks of this website is not just to show how economics and politics work together and thus to help to see the future of the country, but more important - how to vote correctly and thus to direct the country according to your will in order to “form a more perfect Union” for “We the People”, as it is said in the Preamble to the US Constitution.

Correct voting is a part of understanding and making decisions and this brought me to the deeper levels. Your decisions lead you along your life and determine the quality of it, since you have to deal with consequences. If you are not happy with your partner, child, friend, colleagues or government - it means you, just you made an incorrect decisions earlier. People call that “bad luck”, which is a delusion, but you should blame just thyself for that, nobody else.

So everything “good” and “bad” in your life depends on your ability of making the decisions.
It sounds unbelievable, but it is possible - always to make correct decisions.
You just need to formulate first for thyself what you really want, not paying attention to what others say or do. To formulate that correctly, you need to know thyself and understand what you really want (almost nobody does - just try to formulate your main desire in life in one sentence).
Any understanding starts from thyself - “know thyself - know the God”.

And then you need to have an interest, desire and courage to put your correct decisions in life, which is harder than anything else. The reward for that is full self-fulfillment. People call that “good luck” and this is also a delusion. There is no “good” or “bad” luck, there is just the ability or inability to make correct decisions in life, which consequently brings you in the right (or wrong) places in the right (or wrong) time. The most common scenario is to get into the right place untimely (when you are not ready to recognize your right place) or into the wrong place just in time. And it’s impossible for the vast multitude of people to get into the right place in correct time, which is actually life-long “bad luck” and frustration.
Your correct decisions have to be based on your uniqueness, your unique path in life and only then you can fulfill your purpose, realize your destiny and yet get a pleasure from living, which altogether makes up your unique subjective happiness.

Thus the formula is “know thyself” plus “be thyself” equals “become thyself”.

The whole process of becoming thyself takes around 7 years because the cells of your body will be completely renewed during that term and a new human being with its new vision and understanding may appear.
The very important issue of becoming thyself is: if you personally are happy - everything and everybody around you will be all right too, from your family to your country and the planet.

To explain all that in the best way I had to start from the very beginning - the birth of our Universe in the Big Bang, basic duality of nature, micro- and macro-worlds around us, origin of life on Earth, evolution, humanity, different types of consciousness and human cognition, body, soul, mind, God, human state and civilization, religion and science...Also I tried to answer to the main human questions like “who we are”, “where we came from”, “what is ahead” and “how can I be happy” along the way. All that is stated in “Universal Principles” books.
The base of a wisdom is the ability to see the cause and distinguish it from tons of effects, so I needed to include some basic universal philosophic principles, which had been formulated by different wise people in different times.

In a few words: this website is about true you, which you may become once, the worlds around you and how to get to know and be thyself in any interaction - from yourself to the planet and the universe. Following your unique correct decisions will make your life easier and happier. The very important by-product of being thyself is the process of becoming a conscious person, partner, parent, friend, citizen and earthman.
In addition, I share here my subjective point of view of humans, their relations and unions of any kind, political and economic life in different countries, human civilization as well as of some scientific, esoteric and philosophic categories and principles, which are relevant to the topics of speculations.

If you have questions after reading, ask me via Contacts or write a commentary to the particular article or book chapter. There is also the possibility to comment on each other’s commentaries and exchange the observations of your unique path to thyself. Sharing that experience is invaluable - we become wiser in that way. I will feature the most interesting stories and post them in the Articles category.

I KNOW that every human being is unique and has his own unique truth (and path) in life. I want you to find your ultimate truth and to prove to yourself (not to me) practically that you can always make the correct decisions and successfully act in your life. It is possible. I can show you how to see deeper, thus think differently and ultimately teach, heal and support yourself in a very effective way not being a “specialist” or "professional" in any field, but just observant wisdom lover, a “philosopher”. And I want to show to everyone the practical and fascinating side of the philosophy. It can be very practical not just for Doctors of Philosophy.

About money.
Everybody needs to eat, drink and live somewhere to maintain the physical body. I started this project mostly for public education and not like a good professional would do - for money. I am not a professional, I’m just a wisdom lover, but I don’t like the situation when I’m out of money. If I earn some money for my “wisdom” here, I’ll be glad.
One of my favorite mundane principles is “If you don’t feel your obligation - you owe nothing”. So if you find something interesting and useful in my books and articles - please, pay me any money as donation you feel you “owe” me for your pleasure, since it is very subjective. If you don’t enjoy your reading, you “owe” nothing, so pay nothing.
All payments are protected by a Paypal secure payment portal.

My chances of success with this attempt of public education are frankly very little, since education is not something you can impose on somebody who doesn’t really want it. And almost nobody wants - no time. Everyone is very busy with everyday making money (which devaluate faster, than you earn them) and has no time to stop and try to understand what is going on, which may help to run around less. It's the vicious circle.
So this website is for the minority of people, who want to see the bigger picture and understand what is going on with them, their families, businesses, countries and the world. And maybe to become thyself once.

All the materials on the website are my own original ones and protected by the copyright. The ideas are picked up from my lifelong observations, books, different people and synthesized by me. Information data are taken from open free sources like Wikipedia.