What does Putin exist for?

Fools, scoundrels, criminals, wars, diseases and natural disasters
are driving forces of evolution/degradation of humanity.
They make humans to do something with them.

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Every person or object exists for some purpose. Especially an object because it has no consciousness and can only be what it is. For example, a knife. It is for cutting, but it may cut bread or people. The knife is not bad or good, it is simply what people have created it to be with a certain purpose in mind. Likewise, every human being is created with a certain purpose. We are all tools to perform something.

There is nothing superfluous in nature and all living and non-living aspects of it are interconnected like, for example, different animals and plants are connected to each other in the food chain. Take away one link from this chain and the whole ecosystem goes in a different direction: let's say, if you destroy snakes, rodents will breed and gobble up people's crops. So all existing species are needed in nature even rats, cockroaches or flies.

What is the purpose of Mr. Putin's existence and his role in life then? After all, his coming into this world is also not accidental. He also is needed for something.

Mr. Putin came into this world to test his own and other peoples' illusions (or non-illusions) about democracy, state structure, rule of law, morality, globalization, international institutions, private property, capitalism, individual rights, diversity, pluralism of opinion, etc. He is constantly provoking his opponents to do something about his endeavors to test all that, but they don't want to do anything. Democracy is not about doing, it’s about talking. Thus, the West usually freezes in indecision after every Putin’s action, then begins to discuss it and then it is too late to do something until the next provocation. This is the usual way of interaction of criminal-racketeer with normal people, and this is the reaction of normal people to the provocations of a criminal. Mr. Putin constantly take advantage of his unexpected actions and shows that the collective West is pampered, weak, gutless, divided, too democratic, and incapable for any decisive action.

Why does he do all this?

On a mundane level, the war in Ukraine in particular and Putin's behavior in general can be explained as follows. As a matter of fact, every leader of any authoritarian country has walked up to his throne by corpses of his opponents. That is why he has to leave a country for resignation, otherwise he will be killed or imprisoned by his former enemies, because there are very many offended people along the way. There is also an option of handing the reins of power over to a successor like B. Yeltsin did, or to enthrone a close relative like F. Castro did, although this is not very reliable.

That is why all dictators tend to rule for a long time and hold on to power position for the rest of their lives. It was like that before (A. Hitler, J. Stalin, Mao Zedong) and it is like that now (M. Gaddafi, Kim Jong-Un, V. Putin). By the way, the former leader can also be found by old "friends" in another country... And nothing can be changed, apologized for or returned - everything is already done. That is why tough authoritarian leaders have the only way out - to die violently (M. Gaddafi, N. Ceaușescu, B. Mussolini) or non-violently (Kim Il-sung, Heydar Aliyev) in office.

And every authoritarian leader always tries to give to his people some kind of national idea or even a dream that would rally them round him. Putin has chosen the restoration of the greatness of Russian nation and its «special mission» in the history of humanity. This is the base of all his further words and actions.

With these ideas in mind, Mr. Putin has been following one path only – expanding the influence of Russian empire in science, art, sport, economics and politics by any means including lie, force of arms and blackmailing other countries by energy resources, relying on the imperial ambitions of Russian people who share his vision. That’s exactly what the Soviet Union did.

Mr. Putin outlined the policy of Russia at the Munich Security Conference in 2007. He sincerely believed that the USSR had collapsed due to a conspiracy of the collective West, and the US hegemony in the international arena made the world unipolar. Putin’s Russia pretends to be another pole of power on the planet and Mr. Putin tries to restore the balance as much as he can with the means at his disposal - GDP of $1.71 trillion as of 2021, 145+ million of population and 5,977 nuclear warheads as of 2022. And Mr. Putin can't just stop along the way, because he would destroy the national idea he is promoting for years.

Esotericism states that all people go along their path in life fulfilling their purpose (which they usually do not know) in a bad or good way, and they are unable to stop or change anything.

Mr. Putin is lucky with the tolerant West, and the West is lucky with Putin because he is a good provocateur. The West preaches tolerance, rule of law, democracy, respect for individual rights, diversity, multilateralism and equality: "We are all different, but our basic needs are the same and we can agree on everything.”

Mr. Putin is a representative of a different point of view. He has different principles and values and tries to prove that western goals and attitudes are wrong. The collective West cannot agree with Mr. Putin on anything for a long time. President of France, Chancellor of Austria, Prime Minister of Italy, Chancellor of Germany and Secretary-General of the United Nations recently have tried to agree with him on the war in Ukraine with no result at all.

Until recently, Mr. Putin was doing very well. The West retreated every time he provoked it, or rather allowed him to do almost everything - in Georgia in 2008, in Ukraine since 2014, in Syria since 2015... This encouraged Mr. Putin so much that now he has unleashed a full-scale war in Ukraine, hoping that everything will go like before.

Mr. Putin is considered to be a good tactician in the world and this is true. However, tactics is only one side of the coin, another one is strategy. A tactics is the ability to get out of an unfavorable situation, while a strategy allows not getting in it. Putin has made a great strategic mistake by starting the war in Ukraine, and now his tactical talent may not be enough to get out of it. And there will be no painless exit from the situation because too many Ukrainians and Russian soldiers are already dead.

Putin failed to take Kiev or any other major city in Ukraine and announced less ambitious goals in the end of April - to seize the control of southern Ukraine and form a land bridge to Crimea and further to Transnistria (a pro-Russian breakaway region of Moldova). However, nothing works here yet either and probably will not. Many Russian soldiers do not want to fight, Ukrainians are effectively defending their land, the West has imposed harsh sanctions against Russia and finally begun to regularly supply the weapons Ukraine needed. The further the more obvious it becomes that the Russians will not win the war in a foreseeable future, and Mr. Putin cannot keep on fighting for a long because of the suffocating effect of imposed sanctions.

Mr. Putin has made a big strategic mistake and if the things kept going as they did now, he wouldn’t even be able to take over Donetsk and Luhansk regions which was what he promised to Russian people from the very beginning. Thus Mr. Putin has nowhere to retreat and may decide on one last thing - a nuclear strike on Ukraine and maybe some NATO country (Poland, for example). There is no way he can raise the stakes any more. Now Mr. Putin and his underlings are already openly threatening Ukraine and the West by a “nuclear war” and “lightning fast response” in the expectation that they will surrender.

Mr. Putin is really risking with his life now by raising the stakes because if he fails his own angry generals may remove him from the office or he may have to flee the country. There is no choice for him, he cannot leave his path or stop.

The collective West had also to get out of its comfortable "business as usual" existence and finally confirm not in words, but in deeds, its commitment to its values. In the case of a nuclear strike, the West (NATO) will have to strike back. It needs to strike back hard enough and start negotiating only when the collective Putin (Russia) asks for a mercy.

Putin's strength lies in the fact that he does not care about people in general and Russians in particular, while the West does. In addition, he has gone too far, so the likelihood of a nuclear strike is very high.

Ukraine and the West also have nowhere to retreat - Ukrainians are very angry with Russians and the West is already too much involved in supporting Ukraine to stop halfway.

Ukraine and the West should not yield to nuclear blackmailing and it is the best to let the situation go. The negotiations do not work, Putin should be stopped by actions earlier. If the collective West reacted to Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 (or even better, to war in Georgia in 2008) like it was doing now, there would be no a nuclear war threat. Mr. Putin was raised by actions and inactions of Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Americans, the French... Everybody. So now it's everybody's responsibility.

Let it be. Let Putin strike if he cannot be eliminated before then. The terrorists have to be eliminated.

The ordeals bring much suffering, but the gain is always greater if one endures those ordeals. Is there anything useful for humanity in Mr. Putin’s existence? Yes, of course there is.

1. Everyone sees that the Russian nation is gravely ill with "ruscism”. This is a relatively recent term to describe the common diagnosis for Russian nation. Dzhokhar Dudayev, a Soviet Air Force General and later the first president of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria who has been killed by Russians in April of 1996, was the first person to distinguish "ruscism" as a separate concept and to describe it. According to Dudayev, ruscism isa variety of hate ideology which is based on Great Russian chauvinism, spiritlessness and immorality. It differs from other forms of fascism, racism, and nationalism by a more extreme cruelty, both to man and to nature. It is based on the destruction of everything and everyone, the tactics of scorched earth."

2. Putin and the Russian elite have shown that they are liars and war criminals who definitively revealed their imperialist and anti-human essence close to Hitlerites.

3. Russian people have shown that they are, for the most part, a blind and deaf chauvinistic herd, a subject to the manipulations of their elite.

4. Ukrainians were able to unite in the face of danger and began to recognize themselves as one nation, which is capable of standing up for itself with its own unique culture, language, traditions, and history.

5. The democratic countries were able to unite in supporting Ukraine in its just war and began to prove their commitment to democratic principles.

6. Everyone has seen that NATO and the UN were completely useless organizations with their huge budgets, and the Byraktars were extremely useful for their relatively low cost.

7. Every country has seen that it needed to develop its own armed forces without relying on someone else's guarantees and to have good weapons (including nuclear ones) for self-defense.

8. Developing countries have seen that it was better to be in an alliance not with NATO, but with a particular strong country like the US or Turkey.

9. Authoritarian regimes have seen that even having nuclear weapons, large army, and evil will did not guarantee the seizure of someone else's territory, and the fact that democratic countries could fight back strong collectively.

Thus, Mr. Putin and the Russians bring clarity and understanding to the rest of humanity. Unfortunately, this clarity and understanding have already cost several tens of thousands of human lives, not counting the losses in a possible nuclear war and the large sums of money to rebuild Ukraine and the world economy after the war.

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Igor Chykalov
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