Even Death can be perceived differently.

I know that Death has no nose.
She carries a sharp scythe in her hands...
She softly steps where she goes
And barefoot, ready to dance.

I know that Death is very cruel,
She doesn't care whom to call.
She overcomes in every duel
And she has neither heart, nor soul.

No, none of that. Nobody knows.
One night she dropped in to my place.
Her eyes were filled with the deep sorrows
And meekness was upon her face.

She put her arms upon my shoulders,
She kissed me delicately, and
She said while I stood there like a boulder -
"Today I've come for you, my friend...

Now come with me into my Kingdom
And I will be forever yours,
And you will get profound wisdom
About all that mundane fuss."

Then we made love until the morning,
But just before the gleam of dawn
She rose and left without a warning,
Just having dropped, "I will return".

Now I'm awaiting her next coming,
I'm getting close to my rebirth,
To go away from people's humming
And disappear from this Earth.

The people fear Death extremely.
It may dissect at once the string...
But she is beautiful, believe me
Like meadow flowers in spring.

Blue-eyed and lithe, dressed in a white gown...
I wonder why it is so rife -
That people often turn her down
And bless her ugly sister, Life.

And bless her ugly sister, Life...

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Igor Chykalov
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