The Virus of Deglobalization

The coronavirus outbreak is the first true natural global
stress for mankind which points at our future though.

The Virus of Deglobalization
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Humanity have been increased quantitatively from 1 billion in 1800 to almost 8 billion now. We generally became richer, smarter and for the first time in human history truly global. 200 years ago no one could reach other nation's culture and people as easily as we do now with the help of modern means of communication and transportation. All that is called globalization. The creation of the United Nations in 1945 seems to be the peak of humanity's desire for integration. Since then, many international organizations have been established - World Health Organization in 1948, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (later World Trade Organization) in 1948, North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949, European Union in 1993, etc.

We created a very complex collective technical global civilization - everything in our lives (food, beverages, clothing, medications, houses, vehicles, means of communication, technologies) had been produced by the coordinated work of many people from different nations. However, the more complicated a thing is, the more weak points it has. For example, the production of an airplane in the United States stops because of the lack of parts from China due to coronavirus quarantine. Thus different nations became literally closer to each other, but also more dependent on each other, physically weaker, sicker and more depraved (e.g. obesity).

Human global civilization has reached such virtuality and complexity that hindered its own development. Countries have become too big and complex systems with dysfunctional internal connections. Humanity has passed its peak of development and began to degrade. Have you ever noticed that very tall people do not live long? This is the same principle at work.

Current human civilization will be destroyed not just by quantity, but also by quality of humans, which hasn't been changed for millennia.
People are driven by the same primitive thirst for power and money to have more food, drinks, living space and sex - look at your rulers. That's why humanity is heavily divided into the rich and poor - the global top 1% earners (national elites) has captured twice as much of the growth of global income as the 50% poorest individuals.

A vast majority of the modern states cannot benefit to the most of their citizens and exist just for the enrichment of the elites, it becomes more and more observed. This conflict splits up the nations and leads to the collapse of the largest inefficient states. The deglobalization naturally occurs since those states will be busy with their own problems. Thus the globalization of the world is coming to its end and fragments of the nations will have to produce everything they need themselves again. Mankind is stepping into the era when everyone will have to take care of thyself, not relying on the state and government . Coronavirus outbreak just shows objectively what states (and systems) are not efficient. The inefficient (unfitted) is being destroyed according to the law of natural selection.

If to take a look at the interactive map of the coronavirus spread in the context of cases and death toll it is easy to notice that:
1. coronavirus started in China, headed west to Iran and turned after to north-west. Iran has1 death per 11,792 inhabitants as of May 15, 2020. No country to the south-east from Iran has bigger death toll numbers than the countries to the north-west direction.
2. coronavirus has hit mostly NATO countries, i.e. most developed, rich, democratic and capitalistic ones.
3. the worst results from NATO countries as of May 15 showed Belgium (1 death per 1268 inhabitants), Spain (1 death per 1702 inhabitants), Italy (1 death per 1912 inhabitants) and UK (1 death per 1956 inhabitants). Three countries (Belgium, Spain and Italy) are also EU members, since UK already has left EU on January 31, 2020. Thus the coronavirus attacks mostly European Union.
4. coronavirus outbreak shows the resilience of any country (or a union). Thus the main candidate for collapse out of 4 above-mentioned states and 2 international unions is of course EU and the process has already started with the Brexit. Coronavirus is just a test. However, it doesn't mean the EU, NATO and those 4 countries will collapse that time. Not now, but later - yes, if they change nothing. UK has already begun its changes.


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Igor Chykalov
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