Never Vote for Lesser Evil

Or you will have that evil for 4 years more.

Never Vote for Lesser Evil
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The most disputable question now in the USA (besides coronavirus and related big socio-economic problems) is who to vote for at the forthcoming presidential election. As for me the question should sound a little differently - who to vote for if both main candidates are not suitable for the US presidency?

I am positioning this article as "Self Improvement". The country consists of citizens and each citizen will vote accordingly to his or her current understanding. Everyone will be influenced for the next 4 years by the government he or she votes for in November, so for not being disappointed after the one needs to improve the understanding .

In summer 2016 I got acquainted with one of my neighbors named Peter. He was a very nice elderly gentlemen, the head of our HOA. Once in a conversation it turned out that he has been thinking for a long while about who to vote for - Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump - for presidency. He was a Republican and did not like Clinton, but he did not like Trump either. He couldn't make a final decision until the election day as I knew. In the very end he chose the lesser of two evils and voted for Trump. Then I moved to another place and stopped meeting him.
4 years have passed and I decided to write to Peter recently.

Hello, Peter,

I'm writing an article about coming Presidential Election and need your help.
We talked before the Presidential Election 2016 and I remembered that you couldn't choose for a long while who to vote for then - Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump. Now, after 4 years, the situation is very similar. Can you, please, answer me a few questions?
1. Are you registered Republican or Democrat voter now?
2. Who did you vote for at Presidential Election in 2016?
3. Are you satisfied with your choice now?
4. How do you rate Mr. Trump as the President?
5. Do you think Mrs. Clinton would be doing better as the President?
6. Was the life of your family improved within last 4 years from your subjective point of view? Has it become worse?
7. Who are you going to vote for presidency in November 2020?
Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

He answered me the next day:
Glad to hear from you.
- I am registered as a Republican.
- I voted for Trump in 2016 since I knew Clinton was conflicted by her position with Clinton Fund soliciting money from countries as a favor for her intercession on their behalf.
- I am satisfied with Trump’s accomplishments but very dissatisfied that his ego determines his conduct. Trump had failed to accomplish so much due to his ego. He is a former Democrat who could have worked more closely with Senator Schumer and Rep Pelosi to get much more needed legislation.
- Clinton was too closely tied to their foundation asking foreign leaders for money and thus was very conflicted.
- Our lives are much the same. Local and state issues affect us more than national ones.
- Not sure who I will vote for. I don’t like Trump and don’t trust Biden. He says he is a Progressive Democrat and his wife says he is moderate. Very confusing.


I wonder how normal people choose the inappropriate partners, jobs or scoundrel politicians and then spend tons of nerves, money and time to get rid of them. It would be easier not to choose them from the beginning, but obviously people had to know how to choose the right person beforehand. And it seems that the Americans (and not only them) do not know how to do that.
It's actually very simple.
If you PERSONALLY like how the country is doing now in general, then go and vote for Trump or Biden. These two parties have been ruling the country for over 150 years and your "choice" will change nothing. The country will keep going its current course, which you PERSONALLY approve at that case.

If you PERSONALLY feel that something is wrong and has to be changed, but no candidate offers what you PERSONALLY like:
1. go and vote "against all" if you have such option in the ballot.
2. don't go to vote at all if you have no "against all" option and thus report about your dissatisfaction. At least you won't be ashamed later, like many people are now ashamed with president Trump's behavior.

This is the essence of the democracy - to give your real (not distorted) PERSONAL feedback. You don't need to read newspapers, expert opinions, very clever books and know the results of public opinion polls. You shouldn't think globally or for the whole country - just for yourself. Since YOU ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Just let your elite know your personal subjective feeling whether you are doing better or worse. You don't need anything else to vote correctly. If many people do so, the American elites which are Republicans and Democrats will have to change something. Now they are sure everything's all right in the country other than coronavirus stuff.

Unfortunately, many Americans choose (without a choice) the lesser evil like my former neighbor Peter does, predictably getting the evil for the next 4 years. I've seen that many times in Ukraine - they voted not "in favor" of the better candidate, but "against" the worst one. It's a dead-end road.

P.S. I think the Americans do not understand the power of "against all" voting or boycott of the elections, so the US will keep following its dead-end road under the leadership of Republicans and Democrats. If you are interested to know my opinion about where the country is heading — please, read my article about that here.


P.P.S. Dear Reader! I am very much interested in your opinion on the subject of this article. Please, write a comment or ask a question if you want to clarify something.
Igor Chykalov
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