Fools and Scoundrels

Scoundrels exist just because there are many fools around.

All people can be divided into two main categories - "fools" and "scoundrels".
"Scoundrels" consciously try to manipulate "fools" and live off them.
"Fools" unconsciously succumb to those manipulations and, as a rule, make a fool of thyself.

Fools and Scoundrels
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There is also a small layer of people who are ashamed to manipulate others and do not succumb to manipulations of the others. These are usually people who see things as they are and understand everything deeply. That's why they can hardly be found at any political rallies or among the fans of Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber.

The phrase "Thou shalt not make into thee any graven image" means "do not worship anything or anybody blindly". The best way not to be disappointed is not to expect anything good from other people and eventually see their flaws (which always exist) to compare objectively. This is what "not blindly" is all about.

Fools perceive their idols (and everything else in general) superficially, create for themselves their improved images that do not correspond to the reality, and then inevitably get disappointed, but quickly find for themselves the next object of worship. This is how fools live their lives, which are in fact the by-products of lives of their idols.

Fools devote a lot of their time to their idols, mindlessly repeat their words and manners, protect them from "attacks" of other fools, and are even ready to fight for them. Usually, life of such people is full of "bad luck", frustration, disappointment and feeling of being deceived by their partners, friends, employers, celebrities, politicians... But a kind of surrogate meaning in their surrogate life appears - there is always a reason to talk to other like-minded fools or to fight with the fans of another idol... That's why endless online communities of "followers" are being created. For example, Kim Kardashian has about 192 million followers on Instagram. Donald Trump has around 24.6 million there.

These online communities allow celebrities to live a comfortable life often selling the air to their followers, and many celebrities must be making up things about themselves to fuel the interest. It's pure deception and a surrogate of life, a specially created image for the fans, but what to do when there are so many people around who want to consume this surrogate and pay for their idols' lives simply by "likes" in their Instagram accounts? It's just a business, "if the cash is there, we don't care" and it's after all an independent decision of everyone whether or not to consume the surrogate instead of real life.

Yes, there is a small layer of famous people - businessmen, artists, athletes, scientists - who are just talented in what they do and they become celebrities for that very reason. They also have millions of followers (Jeff Bezos, for example, has about 2 million followers on Instagram), but they are really interesting to other people because of their achievements, so you can't call them "scoundrels" and their followers "fools". It's just a lot of people sincerely want to understand the secret of their success.

However, the majority of the people in most of the countries, unfortunately, are fools.
Because they don't see the reality of their countries and continue to elect the scoundrels into the government. For example, the U.S. national debt was 131.18% of Gross Domestic Product in 2020. This means that the U.S. government has incurred debts that were 31% more than the entire country's income for the year. Every US citizen as of today already owes about $84K to the US creditors. Does anyone want to pay $84K per member of the household for the debts made by others?
However, you will have to pay, either with money or with the collapse of the country. The Americans will pay off that debt with their taxes, which are clearly growing along with the national debt all the time.
However, the people do not see the reality of the country and even are not interested in it. Nothing can be done here and that's why the collapse of the US is inevitable. Everyone will have to pay the price for the pleasure to play the fool.

Most countries in the world are ruled by scoundrels.
Because the conscious deception of the voter is mean.

Scoundrels go to the government knowingly for money, opportunities for making money and impunity. That is how it worked in the USSR - it was impossible for non-members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to get into any powerful position in the country.
It is done in the same way in the U.S. with the only difference that there are two major parties there. All U.S. presidents have been members of either the Democratic or Republican Party since 1853 (Franklin Pierce). All members of the U.S. Congress have represented or represent one of the two main parties also.

Then it is the problem of the fools who hope for a better life and believe that their elected rulers will work for the good of the country and not for their own pockets. In the USSR, several generations of people hoped for the same for over 70 years. Then the USSR fell apart together with all Soviet people's hopes and new-born Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc citizens began to vote and hope again for their new-born Russian, Ukrainian, etc scoundrels.

Donald Trump is a scoundrel, liar and a cheater.
And he is also a traitor.
He betrayed his followers by first sending them to storm the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 and then condemning them for that on January 7, 2021.

I wonder if those 82 of his supporters who were reportedly arrested after the attack will ever see this betrayal?
And the rest of Mr. Trump's supporters?

So it's up to each individual to see or not see, to follow their idols online/personally or not. Anyway, everyone will be responsible personally, and as for me, it is better to be responsible for your own mistakes than for somebody else's ones.

Scoundrels exist just because there are many fools around. Worst of all, those deceived "fools" are very often quite decent and respectable people, and sometimes even entire nations. They simply see a small piece of the truth and don't bother looking for the missing part.


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