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Where there’s a will there’s a way.
For the good or bad.

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Willpower is a very important energy both in the human body and in society. It is the energy to work, achieve and overcome obstacles (including fighting with other creatures), to develop and organize communities in order to survive on the material plane. Willpower is also about keeping work/rest balance in our lives. This energy is what distinguishes a human being from animal in particular.

The animals do not have willpower. They don't create material goods or work to maintain their lives and don't change the environment. Hunting and searching for food can be called their primitive "work," which is directed solely by their Instinct. Animals are busy searching for food all the time. In the same way humans are constantly busy with their work, but they change their environment all the time and unlike animals create a constant supply of material goods for themselves.

Employment is very important indicator for every country and the level of unemployment is one of the main signs of the well-being of any state.

In human body the willpower is associated with physical aspects of a being such as heart, immune and digestive system. That means if you apply your willpower incorrectly, you're going to face problems with these very important systems of your body.
Judging by the fact that the top death cause in mankind is ischaemic heart disease, humans are completely ignorant and do not know how to use their willpower correctly.

Any energy can create or destroy if it is applied incorrectly.

To have an idea about what willpower is try to understand what force (energy) makes a boxer get up from the floor and keep fighting. After all, he can just not get up and the fight is over.

Once I saw a good Muay Thai fighter got knocked out. He has got two counter punches into the head while attacking and collapsed on his back, not having lost the consciousness completely though. His body began to shake violently. Everything was shaking - arms, legs, neck and head... It was like an epileptic seizure and lasted maybe five seconds. What it really was - his willpower pushed his non-obedient body to get up, there was no any other energy in his body at that moment.

The referee stopped the fight and helped the fighter to get up. He could barely stay, hung on the referee and demanded to continue the fight. Tears streamed down his cheeks, but there was no fear in him. These were manifestations of true pure willpower - anger and frustration, self-pride and high personal self-esteem, strong desire to go all the way and unwavering self-confidence.

You can't build your willpower because it is what it is. However, you can understand how it works in your body and use what you have correctly.

The humanity consists of strong-willed egoists (a minority) and "weak-willed" altruists (the majority). The egoists don't want (and don't need) to be altruistic. The altruists don't want to be (and don't need to be) selfish. A strong-willed minority in society forces the majority to work hard and the "weak-willed" people as the retaliation have created the myth that being selfish was bad. Actually it is neither bad, nor good. It's just the manifestation of the energy.

Human civilization is based on another myth related to willpower - "working is good and not working is bad". This myth is nicely used by the elites of different countries, forcing (like in the USSR) or urging (like in the US) their people to work, while creating conditions for them to work more and more. For example, in the USSR you could be imprisoned for idling, while in the USA the Federal Reserve keeps inflation so high (real inflation according to my calculations is about 22% per year on average over the last 100 years), that average American works more, but becomes poorer for last 50 years.

My observation is that about 90% of people are unhappy with their jobs. This is because people tend to engage in the occupations they don't like, which of course they perform poorly and therefore are poorly paid.

Willpower is fueled by emotions (a separate very powerful and misunderstood energy in human body) and pushes a person or a group of people (family, country or humanity) to go "per aspera ad astra" - "through hardships to the stars", i.e. it is not about just survival, but also personal/social development to go beyond the limits. We call this the life path for an individual or the civilization for humanity.

Any energy can create or destroy things depending on the way it is applied. Humans have built a great civilization over the last 5,000 years, working consistently and constantly changing the environment to suit their short-term aims. Ultimately they have changed it so much that they began to feel that themselves since women exposed to high temperatures or air pollution are more likely to have premature, underweight or stillborn babies.

Any human community (family or country) also has its own willpower, which consists of the volitional efforts of all the people in that community. At the country's level, it is called the "political will" because just politicians direct the movement of the entire country, while ordinary citizens usually have little or no influence on political decision-making.

A good example of the deep internal division of the U.S. now and the resulting lack of unified political will is President Trump's second impeachment. Most likely, the Senate will not support the impeachment initiative of the House of Representatives and Mr. Trump will get a good presidential pension for the rest of his life for his failed attempt to take over the Capitol on January 6, 2021. He is likely to write a book about that, while continuing to lie about the "stolen election". He may also run for the president in 2024. The U.S. is on its way to collapse and there is not much that can be done about that. As you can see from this example, misapplied willpower or lack of it thereof, can influence hardly the life of any person or society.

In many countries people are unhappy because their rulers lack the political will to make them happy, which actually is what they are elected for.

Strong-willed people are created to be wilful. They need to let this energy out - to make volitional decisions and put them into action. This raises their self-esteem and that is the way to fulfill themselves in life. However, any energy is not infinite. If willpower is misused, your body will drain the energy from your heart, immunity and digestion to compensate the drain. For example, a great chess player doesn't see his talent and spends years becoming a great singer. Years go by, he cannot achieve the goal, there is no self-fulfillment and his self-esteem goes down, he "burns out" and begins to get sick. If strong-willed people overstrain their willpower, they begin to get physically sicker than weak-willed people who try to be strong-willed.

"Weak-willed" people should not see their willpower literally as "weak", it is not true. Their willpower is just unstable, it comes and leaves because it depends in particular on the presence of other people in their aura. So called "weak-willed" people can also make volitional decisions and put them in action, but the way of doing that is a little more tricky. That is why it is important for "weak-willed" people to be in public places or have a strong-willed partner.

Willpower can be transmitted from strong-willed people to "weak-willed" people through the human aura since it is an electromagnetic oscillation of a certain frequency. Note how differently a crowd of people behaves depending on the behavior of the leader. In the presence of strong-willed people, non-willed people do feel a rush of volitional energy to quit smoking, stop overeating, build a house or a new country, but...
As soon as the strong-willed person leaves, the determination disappears and the depression comes ("I am not sure if I can do it myself"). This is why various "support groups" of different parties/leaders/sports teams are created. "Weak-willed" people have a hard time reaching their goals individually, because there is no consistent supply of the "to go, fall, get up and keep going" energy. So they need to work out or quit drinking alcohol in a collective environment like community gym or Alcoholics Anonymous, for example.

Or you have to learn how to deceive yourself.

I am not a strong-willed person by nature, but I have a strong-willed wife. She is the one who initiates and drives all of our family changes, from cleaning the garden to moving to a new place of residence. So what's about me? I am a man, I am supposed to be a leader and make strong-willed decisions.... I certainly can and do that sometimes. However, the leader should not be just the one who can lead, but the one who can lead in the right direction. The only thing which remains is to figure out how to distinguish the right direction from the wrong one.
My usual internal reaction to my wife's initiatives is "Why? It's fine as it is." Over time, however, I have noticed the usefulness of the actions she made. Now I enjoy watching all that, not forgetting to praise her efforts often (this is necessary attribute of her ego appeasement) and helping as much as I can, because she has practically proven that her changes lead to a better future for the whole family.

If "weak-willed" people try to act like strong-willed people after attending couple of leadership courses, they quickly become exhausted, their self-esteem drops, and after a while they get sick, too.

So how to properly apply your willpower in life?

The answer I have found for myself was not to ride on willpower alone, but to use other sources of energy.
For example, my friends consider me a strong-willed person because I work out most of my life and still am in a pretty good physical shape. However, I rarely force myself (which is what willpower does) to exercise. I just love running, body-building, playing soccer, badminton, martial arts...
The best stimulant for me is doing nothing for a couple of weeks. My body misses the physical activity and pushes me to work out. I know it's not like that works for everyone, but that's the way it works in my body. Somebody may say I'm lucky, but you're similarly "lucky" in something else. Everyone has the specific advantages, there's no other way. Find your own way to act voluntarily without using your willpower.

I write my articles and books in the same way - not because I "have to," but because I love doing that, so I don't have to force myself. From this point of view I'm very much against the principle of "consistent writing" for beginning writers, who necessarily try to write 1-2 articles a day. What if you're not a writer? You'll write a bunch of middling stuff, "burn out" and get frustrated and sick.

Love what you do and do what you love in life.
It sounds simple, but this is the universal formula to be happy in your business. However, it's very hard to earn decent money by you hobby. Very few people have a privilege to achieve that level.

Where there's a will there's a way. For the good or bad.


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Igor Chykalov
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