What the Country Needs

If you do not know where you are going to, you will be brought to nowhere.

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No one in the United States seems to be able to answer the question «what the country needs».
To be more precise, everyone answers at once so much that it is impossible to isolate the truth and understand the main things. There is a horrible mixture of clever phrases, calls to thoughtless actions and contradictory facts pouring into your eyes and ears from everywhere. The most frustrating thing is that it is unclear whether any event really is basically for the good or bad, and even whether it happened at all.

That's why I think people (not only in the US, but in many other countries) get away from such diverse reality to various "talk shows", "reality shows" and sports events. Some (me, for example) don't watch TV at all...

Now no one knows anything for sure - there is so much contradictory information around… Many people work hard, they don't have enough time for their families not to speak about figuring it out, so they put the running of the country in the hands of professional politicians. Politicians get paid for managing the country well and working for the good of every citizen. However, professionals offer us the same mess (pardon me, the diversity of opinions) from which nothing is clear either. The only question is whether they are confusing voters deliberately or sincerely don't know what to do.

For example, Democrats now are trying to keep the schools open despite the surge of Omicron variant. Is it right or wrong?
Why has CDC recommended that people infected with the virus should isolate for 5 days instead of 10? Is it for the good or bad?

President Biden recently accused his predecessor of “holding a dagger at the throat of America, at American democracy” in his speech on January 6, 2022 marking the anniversary of the Capitol riot. If Mr. Trump really is a threat to America, why isn't he in a jail? If he is not in a jail, maybe he is right and correctly wanted to “stop the steal”. But then it appears that Mr. Biden is lying... Or is there something wrong with America?

Some even predict a civil war. So isn’t it better to imprison Mr. Trump to avoid a war? But he could not be imprisoned by democratic means. He hasn’t been impeached and could run for a president in 2024. Why does democracy hobble? Is it not working just in the US? Or is it not working against Mr. Trump? Why? Maybe it's not a democracy at all?

Perhaps the best illustration of the contradictory personality of today's politicians is Congresswoman Liz Cheney, whom The New York Times called a “Republican Democrat”. She “… opposes most abortions and most gun control … favors tax cuts for the wealthy and expanded drilling for oil. The right-wing Family Research Council has given her voting record a perfect score. Her political hero is her hawkish father, who was the architect of the second Iraq War.” Liz Cheney and her father were the only Republicans at the House's Anniversary Observance of January 6 Riots. She also seems to be honest, straightforward and yet she can stand up for her principles alone, which is very rare case for a politician these days.

All people (politicians included) are busy discussing issues that don't really matter. They just do not see the whole picture.
For example, why is the US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan argued much if a lot of money ($2.3 trillion) and several thousand of American and many civilian Afghan lives have already been spent there within 20 years, and Taliban easily took over the country right after the Americans left?

Does fighting corruption make sense? President Biden recently declared war on corruption again at the UN General Assembly, but the presidents leave while the fight against corruption remains. Maybe we are fighting it in the wrong way? Maybe we are not fighting corruption at all?

Why is there so much talks in the US about Wealth Tax if it won't be passed by Congress? Billionaires will not allow to write the law against themselves. Besides, the Wealth Tax does not solve the main problems of the US. As well as banning or permitting abortions or arms/marijuana/death penalty/sexist statements/kneeling during performing the US anthem, etc. All of those are not very important consequences of life of the country.

So where is the way “forward” for America?

The vision of the direction requires the understanding of “what the country needs”.
Every politician and of course the candidates for the next presidency – Biden and Trump - always do that for Americans. They always say something because they have to, that’s their job. But their suggestions are shallow and reveal nothing important for the nation. It’s just “bad” Democrats (or Republicans, Trump’s wall, mass media, coronavirus, Russians/Chinese) and the struggle for/against corruption, abortions, marijuana, new taxes, arms sales, etc.
In the next midterm election 2022 the Americans will elect all 435 Representatives and 34 Senators. Almost all of them will be members of Democratic or Republican parties. In 2024 both main parties and all American voters will routinely play their primaries and caucuses game, and the Electoral College will elect the president as usual and he/she for sure will be Democrat or Republican. Whether Mr. Biden remains in power or he will be replaced by Mr. Trump (or another Republican or Democrat) — it actually doesn’t matter since the direction of the country will not change. It’s because no one seems to be able to say “what the country really needs”. And maybe it needs nothing. So far, so good.

They say that literally no one can see the signs of a civil war until it starts. It's true. I missed the collapse of the USSR in 1991 and I don't intend to miss the collapse of the United States because that's where we are going to. Maybe with a civil war, too. People are fundamentally short-sighted and too busy with nonsense. It just takes common sense and observation over time to see the whole picture of what is going on in the country.

Do you personally know what needs to be done in the country to improve YOUR life? Because that is what the state (and the government) is all about. Your rulers don't know, so you have to explain that to them because nobody will do that for you. And for the explanation, unfortunately, you have to know that yourself, but you have no time for this, that’s why coming changes are inevitable.

If you do not know where you are going to, you will be brought to nowhere and the US seems to be already in the place.


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Igor Chykalov
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