Hopeless Ukraine (part 4, excerpt)

When partners find no more consent, their business isn’t worth a cent.
This business is the being of Ukraine.

In 2006-2008 Ukraine was in a complete mess.

The “orange” team has divided into 2 camps after the Orange Revolution – members of President Yushchenko's party “Our Ukraine” and the followers of “The Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc”.

Party of Regions was in opposition, but had 32% seats in Parliament after parliamentary elections of 2006 and sabotaged every “orange” decision. A lot of "Donetsk clan” guys moved to Kyiv. Each party actively recruited supporters among the people and pulled the country in its own direction. I think that is when the practice of paid participation in rallies began.

Yushchenko's "orange" parliamentary deputies of 2004 were partially moved by their former colleagues from “The Yulia Tymoshenko’s Bloc” and Yanukovych's "white and blue" ones in 2006 and all parties tried to put their members to any profitable state position and these new “bosses” demanded money, money, money... Different parliamentary groups pushed through their own interests and the Parliament hardly adopted the laws which contradicted each other and the Constitution. The executive and judicial power took bribes almost without hiding and raider seizures of somebody else’s property flourished. The judges issued needed decisions and any person's property could be “legally” taken away. The police was on the side of whoever had more power and money. Each side threw mud at the others and all of them lied more or less. Civil servants of the country actually did not work, but were just resolving their own questions.

In 2007, President Yushchenko decided to dissolve the Parliament, but the Parliament didn’t obey and yet the opposition government of Mr. Yanukovych hadn’t assigned the funds for re-elections. The Constitutional Court has retired to consider the ruling. The way out of a deadlock were unscheduled parliamentary re-elections in 2007 which changed almost nothing. Coalition associated with the Orange Revolution (“Yulia Timoshenko’s Bloc” and “Our Ukraine – People’s Self Defence” bloc) obtained a narrow majority leaving the Party of Regions in opposition. The Ukrainian political crisis has not been resolved. The country was like a swamp in which neither good nor bad decisions can be enforced.

You have read an excerpt from the article. The complete series of articles "Hopeless Ukraine" will be available for purchase as a separate book on my website becomethyself.com in a while.
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