Igor10 April 2022 00:57

Malignant Tumor of Russian Imperialism

Thanks for the answer. I just wondered whether the Americans are really interested to know something about such an ordinary country like Ukraine. I never have written about Ukraine before, but recent times there was so much tension about these Russian troops at the Ukrainian border, that I decided to explain my vision of Ukraine to Americans and did that in not finished "Hopeless Ukraine" series. I must say my point of view on Ukraine would not be popular in Ukraine, that's why in particular I write about Ukraine for Americans in English and not for Ukrainians in Russian or Ukrainian. So you read sort of "alternative point of view".
Ok, thank you.
Igor9 April 2022 20:59

Malignant Tumor of Russian Imperialism

All polls lie more or less. And in general, people lie. Often consciously, sometimes subconsciously. Under such conditions you can establish the truth in only 2 ways: either to believe everyone (I do so, but I check the idea in different sources) or to believe no one. I trust the Levada Center poll (although they could have added 5-10%, it doesn't matter) in this case, because Gennady Gudkov and other decent Russians in their articles and video mention figures of not less than 2/3 of supporters of the war in Ukraine. Besides, some of my friends have relatives in Russia, and I know their opinion. That's why I said in the article that at least 2/3 of Russians support the war. I wouldn't state that basing just on Levada Center data.
Draft dodging has never stopped the Russians from supporting the war. All Russians rely on the power of their army and support the war in theory, in the hope that they will not need to personally die for Russian interests somewhere in Syria or Ukraine. So a very few will sign up for the fight.
I have a question for you. Are you really interested to read about the war in Ukraine? I write just about that recent times and wonder do I need to keep on or to switch to other topics.
Igor21 March 2022 20:40

Healing of Ukraine and Treating of Russia

Hello, Mr. Concerned. Thanks for your questions.
1. My impression is that in Ukraine, there used to be a lot of pro-Russian sentiment, but Putin's war has destroyed that. Is that correct?
Basically yes. You can see the evolution of the attitude of Ukrainians toward Russians in my "Hopeless Ukraine" series of articles. Unfortunately, I did not have time to finish the last article about the Revolution of Dignity, the Russian seizure of Crimea and a piece of Donbass in 2014. This war (which neither Russians nor Ukrainians called a war) lasted from 2014 until now. Throughout that time, attitudes toward Russians in Ukraine changed much for the worse. The Russian invasion on February 24 just clarified everything. All pro-Russian forces fled Ukraine and Putin's open war created not just resentment, but hatred among Ukrainians.

2. What do you think will be the political consequences of a Ukraine totally hostile to Russia?
I can ask you – when? It’s a very wide question and there maybe tons of consequences.
The most important and closest consequences of Ukrainian total hostility to Russia I see are:
- the real threat of nuclear strike on Ukraine;
- a nuclear strike on Ukraine and on some facility in Europe (at NATO member country including, Poland, for example), i.e. a threat of World War 3;
- Putin's physical elimination. The more Ukrainians hate Putin and Russia, the longer Ukraine will fight. Together with the growing effect of Western sanctions, this will very likely lead to an intra-elite coup at the very top of the Russian pyramid of power and Putin will simply be killed by one of his cronies. In my opinion, this is a very necessary and important consequence of Ukrainian total hostility to Russia - to rid everyone (Russians, Ukrainians and the whole world) of Mr. Putin. He became now a big problem for everyone, including his cronies. You can read more in my article “Is there any personal risk for Putin now?”.