About True Love

Humans don’t know what true love is.

For me, dogs are the embodiment of true love. They accept us as we are and do not try to change us. They always cry when their beloved master leaves and are endlessly happy when he comes back (as if the dog wasn’t hoping to see him again). They forgive us everything, even beatings and betrayal.

About True Love
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There was a joke in my youth - “I want my wife to treat me like a dog: to feed me well, not to make me angry and let me go out for a night”. I laughed at this joke then. Now I see that every joke is only partially a joke. From my point of view, this phrase formulates almost unachievable happiness for men and women in relationships with the opposite sex. The problem of love and intimate relationships has always existed for humans. It is much easier for animals - just reproduction with no sentiments or long-term obligations.

It is interesting to note while thinking about true love relations that sex (which humanity is slightly obsessed with) does not play a main part there. It seems to be Love in its purest form. Any relations should be just pure, light, sincere and bring constant pleasure of communication (sex is a kind of intimate communication). Otherwise, why to keep them?

I'm sure people get rid of their spouses more often than of of their dogs and I understand why.

I am terribly lucky in my life. My wife treats me just like a dog (see the formula above). That’s why our relationship is perfect. Who else can boast of that? However, before reaching this happy state, I had to get married twice, not counting a few light (2-5 years) love affairs. But now I can teach how to get married correctly. I know that True Love exists and anyone can meet it in life, but may not recognize it. Because it is not what humans think it is.


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Igor Chykalov
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