Comment on Nietzsche

This is my original commentary to an article at about Friedrich Nietzsche (September 13, 2019).

Comment on Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche
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Nietzsche is really and was always misunderstood.
1) By people - nobody really understands what he was talking about while speaking of “God is dead”, his “immorality” and “will to power” just like it happened with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the prevailing now idea of existing of everything.
2) By Nazis - they understood almost nothing also, but took the idea of the Übermensch to justify the expansion of their living space (Lebensraum) to the East and destruction of millions of people just like the communists before used Karl Marx’s idea of class struggle.
3) By the author of the article himself. The title and the last words of the article are about living life with an intent. Is buying a new BMW car a good intent? Yes, of course. But self-overcoming or self-mastering is maybe better than BMW... Or no?
Ok, if the self-overcoming is better - how to implement the idea? Where to go and what to do? To stop smoking or playing golf on Saturdays? So is that the intent for the sake of having the intent? Neither Zat Rana, nor Friedrich Nietzsche give the answer and that is the problem of current philosophy - it shows the magic shiny door somewhere far without having the key. And the door is too far from a mundane life of everybody.

It seems Nietzsche knew something, which he just couldn’t explain well, otherwise his ideas wouldn’t last more than a century. Who clearly thinks that clearly states.

I think he just picked up some information from the ocean of information we all live in, like it usually happens with creative persons, but it was not the whole piece, but a part.
Actually, what has happened - Nietzsche couldn’t understand himself well. That’s why almost nobody can overcome his teaching. Maybe that caused his mental illness - he knew a piece of something grand and could not comprehend it completely to see the whole puzzle. Nietzsche tried “to overcome” himself and failed.

As regards the ideas of Nietzsche stated in the “Thus spoke Zarathustra” book - “God is dead” (it would be better to say “Religion is dead”), “self-overcoming” as the human main intention, the depiction of a human being as a transition between the beast and the Übermensch (literally “overhuman”), “the overman is the meaning of the earth” and the prediction of “man is something that shall be overcome “ - all of them are true and correct, but require a separate explanation.


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Igor Chykalov
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