Speaking, Acting and Decision making

Listen thyself before speaking. Speak before acting.

A friend of mine works for real estate agency Re/MAX Action First.
Funny name.

If all real estate agents take the slogan of their company literally, they would not explain to their clients the benefits of purchase a particular house, but force them to sign the contract immediately and will lose all customers.

To be a human means firstly speaking and secondly - acting.
Try to walk up to a pretty woman on the street and start acting - you may spend some time in police. So almost always speaking is first and only then acting.
Yes, somebody feels comfortable to act first, but such people are truly the minority — like Napoleon Bonaparte. “Action first” is a jump into a void, which may bring the huge success or the island of St. Helena. People are rarely created for such behavior.

Another extreme is thinking before acting too long. Such people consider themselves indecisive and usually are very frustrated about that quality.

The ideal is as usual in between and is about the art of decision making.
Every decision (and thus action) to be correct has to have the proper time to emerge like a child after full-time pregnancy — not too early and not too late. The understanding or the parturition comes in a proper time. The only thing which may prevent you from clear understanding is your pushing the things forward. Let your understanding mature completely like a child inside the mother.

A little decision (like where to go for a dinner) takes a little time to comprehend, discuss everything and act correctly. The big decision (like a divorce) may take years of observations to understand what (and when) to speak and act. Nobody knows the exact timing, so the best advice here is just listening to thyself in time. You may feel the clarity about whatever the next day or after couple of years. Time is not important comparing to the correct decision which will make your actions just effective.

So the multitude of people should never act first without talking and feeling they are ready to act.

Speaking, Acting and Decision making
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Igor Chykalov
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