Comment on the US politics in general

This is my original commentary to an article at about the US politics (October 4, 2019).

1. The predictions in the political field are usually wrong. Who could predict Trump’s enthronement in 2015?

2. The author suggests imagining the appearance of Trump Jr. in White House after hardly possible his father’s resignation instead of Mike Pence or Nikki Haley, but it is worthwhile to think instead of more deep things. The US deteriorates as the country and it entirely doesn’t matter who will take the main position after Trump — for sure that will be a Republican or a Democrat. The Americans choose between those two parties over 150 years, so there is no choice for them from that point of view. Trump’s coming just showed a relatively new dilemma to the ordinary Americans in 2016 — whom to vote for if both candidates are inappropriate.

3. Somebody in commentaries wrote that Trump is “a devil we know and Pence is the devil we don’t”. I saw that many times in elections in another country. People vote for a lesser “devil” and predictably get “a devil” anyway. What is the choice and the sense of voting then?

4. It is incorrect to say that Donald Trump Jr. is “less prepared” and “less skilled” than any other politician. Donald Trump Senior convincingly shows all the time that there are not any special background or skills (or even common sense) needed to rule the country. How to rule - it’s a separate question. “Professional politician” means just grip on power long enough and doesn’t mean any skills at all. No university graduates the politicians. And the vast majority of politicians after coming to the power and getting across a problem “mews” more or less plaintively to his/her advisors: “What do we do now?”.

The author writes: “We live in a weird time. But a forced Trump resignation may give us a path out, even if it will be extremely bumpy and filled with more Donald Trump Junior than anyone should have to endure.”
5. Current times are weird because modern people are weird. They pay much attention to the things that matter nothing to them. And no, the Trump’s possible resignation will not give a “path out” because Americans have the same Republicans and Democrats staying on their way, so no new team can be elected, so the course of the country will not change. The author of the article can try to understand why it is so and what the “path out” (if he needs it) may be.

Comment on the US politics in general
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