Comment on Trump's electorate

This is my original commentary to an article at about Trump's cult and his electorate (October 7, 2019).

Trump is definitely inclined to cult leadership. He should envy Putin’s omnipotence, but the US is slightly more democratic country than Russia.

From my point of view there is no need to go deep into details and try to find Trump’s authoritarian features or to describe different types of his fans to understand whether they are his political supporters or already idolaters. The main question is not about Trump’s inner cult of personality (which was always there), but about the US people as the whole. Americans have voted for Trump in 2016 according to current elective legislation, so everything seemed to be all right.

Trump is just the reflection of his electorate, but the opposite is also true. The like attracts the like and if Trump “mostly makes no sense” (a citation from one of commentaries on the article which I share) - it means the multitude of Americans “make no sense” as well. The example - the Americans consider the US economy to be #1 in the world, not seeing the national debt of $22+ trillion or around $70000 per every resident, including children.

Comment on Trump's electorate
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The vast majority of people in any country are inclined to idolize somebody (other people or themselves) or something (their way of living, for example). It is a separate question why it is so. The idolization is always bad - it brings the extremes into a life of a person or a country and ultimately the misfortune.


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Igor Chykalov
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