Comment on Elizabeth Warren's targets

This is my original commentary to an article at about Elizabeth Warren's targets in presidential campaign 2020 (October 14, 2019).

Comment on Elizabeth Warren's targets
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Elizabeth Warren’s targets are a little small.
Pushing Trump out of the White House is good and probably right thing to do. Elizabeth Warren will certainly be the way better in the president’s position. But... Just that or the wealth tax does not solve the main problems of the U.S. As well as the problem of banning or permitting abortions or arms/marijuana/death penalty/sexist statements/kneeling during performing the U.S. anthem, etc. All of those are not very important consequences of a life of the country. I would be even more worried about Trump’s refusal to make his tax declaration public while any citizen is legally obliged to do so.

As regards the abortions.
If U.S. women are so eager to stand upon their right to decide “what to do with their bodies”, so don’t listen to anyone, just go to other countries and do it if you think it is necessary. And vote accordingly at home if you think the abortion question is so important. Although whom to vote for if even Democrat Hillary Clinton said abortions should be “safe, legal and RARE”?

There is a wonderful ending to the article: “It’s time to move forward, not just as a country - but in the way we talk about what the country needs” and this raises questions. For example, why is it time to move forward just now? And where to go? Where is the way “forward”? Can the author point out the direction?

And one more thing.
The vision of the direction requires the understanding of “what the country needs”. Can the author say “what the country needs”? Can anybody of those who is reading these lines formulate that first and foremost for themselves?
Every politician and of course the candidates for presidentship - Trump, Biden or Warren - always do that for Americans. They always say something because they have to, that’s their job. But their suggestions are shallow and reveal nothing important for the nation. Just “bad” Democrats (or Republicans, or mass media, or Russians) and the struggle for/against abortions, marijuana, new taxes, arms sales, etc. (see above).

In the 2020 elections, both parties and all Americans will routinely play their primaries and caucuses game, and Electoral College will elect the president as usual. Trump will remain in power or he will be replaced by Biden (or Warren) - the direction of the country will not change. Because no one seems to be able to say “what the country really needs”. And maybe it needs nothing. So far, so good.


A certain Mrs. Shirley Márquez Dúlcey asked me a question regarding the above comment:
"Attacking corruption in the corporate world is small? A wealth tax that would require the rich to pay their fair share to support our nation is small? I wonder what would be a big target…"

I placed an answer:
1. I'm not against Elizabeth Warren. She is better than Trump. But she will not solve the main problems of the country.
1.1 To solve the main problems of the country you need to understand them and be able to explain them to Elizabeth Warren, if she doesn't know. And she doesn't, judging by the debates. As well as you, judging by your question. So the blind will lead the blind into a great future.

2. The topics that were touched upon in the article are basically "get Trump out of the White House" and abortions. These are small goals.

3. There was mentioning also of wealth tax. This is also a minor stuff. The question is not about taxes, it's about how they are spent. And the government distributes the budget without asking you. And you are not interested to know which is the worst. Meanwhile the national debt of the United States is already more than 22 trillion dollars.
It seems that you personally are not going to pay it off.

4. The bigger target is to teach people how to vote correctly for not electing the corruptionists for not fighting them after. It is more difficult, than to fight corruption. Elizabeth Warren all her long life in politics had to fight corruption. And she for sure did. With no result. Vote for me into Senate then. My struggle with corruption will cost you less. With the same result.


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Igor Chykalov
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