Comment "Don't go into the woods if you are afraid of wolves"

This is my original commentary to an article at about poor American top-level women who cannot run for office because of releasing of their porn by their exes (November 8, 2019).

“Don’t go into the woods if you’re afraid of wolves.”
This is a saying in my native language. English has the analogue: “Nothing venture, nothing have”.

Comment "Don't go into the woods if you are afraid of wolves"
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The conclusions after applying this simple saying to the article are:

- Do not go into politics if you are afraid of “revenge porn” or if you are going to have sex with your subordinates (like Katie Hill and many other politicians). Also assume that even if you don’t have sex with your subordinates, one of them will still say that you try to do that and describe that in a book (like Monica Lewinsky did). The higher you go up the political ladder, the more chances are it will happen.

- Do not let your husband or lover shoot porno videos or photos. Or do you like to watch them? If you do, so other people like them as well. And it will certainly increase their desire to vote or not to vote for you the next time. You just increase your bets and so you can win more, but also lose more. This is how life works. “Nothing venture, nothing have.”

- This regards not only female politicians: don’t get married and don’t have sex with the idiots who can share that in any way. However, it is difficult to distinguish an idiot from a non-idiot. Your mom had to teach you.

- From a democratic point of view everything is fine - politicians are public figures and should be responsible for their words and deeds. And for the porn too (that will either strengthen their positions or weaken them, see above).

- The author writes:"In her final speech, Katie Hill decried the “double standard” that stigmatizes and shames women who evince even a hint of sexuality but rewards men perceived as masculine and sexually successful. "
1. It is funny to imagine that feminists from politics will have soon the same rights as the male sexually violent politicians like Trump and Biden. This is the way to go.
2. Katie Hill is right about “double standards”, but they are present in politics at large. Everybody has to start from himself. Did Mrs. Hill come into politics to make money or serve the country? Every politician (and Mrs. Hill too) says here: “To serve the country”. Ok, all politicians are “good”, so where does the country’s bad politics come from?

- The author says: "Already, many women have told me they considered running for office, but were brought to heel by the fear that intimate or unprofessional photos would surface, embarrassing them and their families and potentially torpedoing their careers."
My attitude to Katie Hill and to all poor women who are not allowed to take powerful position because of their porn is: the politics (as well as any other field) is full of mediocrities. One more or one less - it doesn’t matter, it won’t affect the U.S. politics in any way.


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Igor Chykalov
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