Coronavirus as the sanity test

Every country is being destroyed by short-sighted and incompetent people,
not by viruses that have always been and would always be there.

Coronavirus as the sanity test
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The unviable (ineffective) dies in severe trials, while the viable (effective) survives and even becomes stronger. This is the Darwin's law of natural selection and it is about everything - animals, human nations or viruses. Coronavirus is an ordeal. And as such it shows the competence (or incompetence) of the governments of different countries and even more - the effectiveness (and thus viability) of every nation as a whole.

"A man exists for the state, not the state for a man."
I have observed 3 different regimes in my life (USSR, "independent" Ukraine and now the U.S.) and I could say that the formula worked everywhere. Every state feeds on the lives of its citizens more or less. It's just realized in the U.S. in a smarter way than in the USSR.

The separation between the rich and the poor was and would always be there - under capitalism or socialism. And COVID-19 is a test of strength for every nation as a whole. Countries where the government is sane and lives in a concord with its people will withstand the pandemic - just read how Singapore and Germany calmly and effectively fight the virus.

The countries where "a man exists for the state" will lose the battle - see how helpless the U.S. and Italy are.

Coronavirus shows that Singapore and Germany as the states stand firmly on their feet - the governments understand and perform their functions perfectly and the people absolutely trust and obey. The sane nations have the sane governments which have the right vision and will to act efficiently for the common good.

What will happen after COVID-19?
The correct answer is: the next viruses.

Most of humanity lives in cities now and these are ideal places for infections to spread. Viruses also evolve and their "civilization" is about 4 billion years old (since the time living cells first evolve), so they exist on the planet longer than us.

Any game like chequers or chess modulates life and there everything depends on the right strategy and arrangement of pieces. The more correct your positioning is, the less comfortable your opponent's playing becomes. Coronavirus is a strong opponent and it shows very well that almost all nations have the incorrect "positioning of the pieces" and therefore almost all countries "play" badly.
And almost nobody has a strategy (vision of the future) too.

The economics of different countries were decelerated by humans, not by coronavirus. Coronavirus simply shows weak points in the organization of life in different countries and all mankind as a whole. For example, the fact that food is more important than money.

Trump's administration has shown complete unpreparedness for unfavorable circumstances. Any nation can overcome an epidemic in two ways - by getting sick (and developing the natural immunity) or by getting vaccinated.

Singapore simply did not let the infected go home, i.e. the government had the right vision, will and enough funds for tests, medical equipment, hospitals, etc to stop the spreading of the infection. The U.S. have lost the chance to prevent the pandemic because of the incompetence and 6 weeks of procrastination of Trump's administration - there are already 138774 coronavirus cases in the U.S. on March 26, 2020.

Trump's administration did not see the threat timely or simply did not want to spend money on its direct duties (the problem might go away by itself and China was so far...), so later they had to impose a quarantine in the country which is designed to stop the spread of the disease and to gain time to produce the vaccine. However, the development, testing and production of coronavirus vaccine for the world will take at least a year. Will the Americans stay home for a year? Even for a couple of months? What do we eat then?

The Federal Reserve has published a survey in May 2019 - almost 40% of American adults wouldn’t be able to cover a $400 emergency with cash, savings or a credit-card charge. 40% is a lot. It's fraught with a social explosion. That's why Nouriel Roubini suggested "helicopter drops" of $1000 per U.S. resident of direct cash disbursements. Trump's administration followed the advice quite quickly - nobody wants a social unrest, but the fact is they have to fight the consequences without a holistic vision of the country's economy and politics. That is the incompetence.

So the quarantine (a lockdown) is not a remedy because it means a shutdown of the economy. It doesn't matter much what to die from - Coronavirus or a hunger. It seems that Trump has already accidentally chosen for the Americans the cheaper way of gaining Coronavirus immunity - by getting sick. And then - "In God we trust"... Not in Trump's administration.

Every country is being destroyed by short-sighted and incompetent people, not by viruses that have always been and would always be there.


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Igor Chykalov
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