Comment "Learn how to choose correctly"

This is my original commentary to an article at about the people's inability to choose a correct person (December 21, 2019).

I've always wondered about the ability of normal people to choose the inappropriate partners or scoundrel politicians and then spent tons of nerves, money and time to get rid of them. It would be easier not to choose them, but obviously people had to know how to choose the right person before. And it seems that the Americans (and not only them) do not know how to do that.
Learn how to choose correctly.

Life goes on irreversibly and may run out entirely for an individual in useless exercises like "we again chose the wrong person" and fighting with other normal people over the next "right choice", having no choice at all. I watch that in Ukraine from the moment of its emergence as the independent state in 1991. It's already at least 2nd generation of the Ukrainians, which chooses incorrectly and fights for nothing because of their own ignorance. In my opinion, the Americans started to do that earlier.

Comment "Learn how to choose correctly"
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As for such an unimportant question as the Trump’s impeachment.
It’s not clear whether it’s being done right and being done more by Democrats, most of the Americans or Trump himself. Probably all together.

As for me much more important sign is:  the House of Representatives (both Democrats and Republicans) have failed to get Trump’s tax declaration. This issue even hasn’t been raised in the Senate, I guess. That means the lower house can do nothing and the upper house doesn’t care. Altogether this indicates the complete inefficiency of the legislative branch of power and thus the inability of the Americans to influence their government.

And even worse. This indicates that ordinary Americans also do not care about the fact that the president of the country does not obey the laws of the country. From that point of view other citizens are not obliged to follow the laws as well.

Usually this is the beginning of the end of any country.


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Igor Chykalov
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