US Election 2020 - an Old Magic Trick Again

All deceptions in the world are based on distraction. In politics, too.

US Election 2020 - an Old Magic Trick Again
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Almost all magic tricks at circus shows are based on the timely distraction of the viewer's attention. The brilliant magician Harry Houdini even vanished an elephant from the stage in that way.

Politicians have learned a lot from illusionists. They only use two tricks or combination of them.
1. The voter's attention should be switched from the significant whole to insignificant details, which are very numerous. Then those details should be passed off as the main cause of any trouble. Even the stupidest point of view always has its supporters, it is important just to promote it persistently. And then the voters will do everything themselves, clinging to each other about the unimportant things and omitting the important ones. This magic trick is constantly demonstrated by elites of different countries to their citizens which gladly fight each other instead of seeing that they are fooled.

2. Besides, all political consultants do one more thing - they try to show that the opponent of their client is worse than their boss no matter how much bad the boss is. The better a consultant is able to fulfill that, the higher his fee is. Since it is always easier to choose from the two "evils" than from two "goods" (imagine that you have to choose your finger or arm will be cut off), a short-sighted voter predictably votes for the lesser of the two evils, condemning himself (and the country) to live with the evil for next 4 years. That is why America is degrading and its presidential candidates are getting older and more shameless like Mr. Trump - the liar.

The Republican Party's tactics for the 2020 elections are based on the combination of points 1 and 2.
The main message is that Trump is not to blame for anything in the past and (which is interesting) in the future.

Parties at fault are:
1. China. In order to absolve Mr. Trump of responsibility for his mistakes in the past the National Republican Senatorial Committee has sent campaigns a detailed, 57-page memo authored by a top Republican strategist advising GOP candidates to address the coronavirus crisis by aggressively attacking China on April 17, 2020. President Trump and his administration have started implementing that plan immediately by blaming China for causing the pandemic, covering up the virus and hundreds of thousands of deaths.
2. Previous (Obama's) administration which has made many fatal errors in the past.

This will be followed by the binding Joe Biden with the new nickname Beijing Biden to "bad" China.

As for the future, the quarantine lifting mistakes will be blamed on the governors (mainly state governors from the Democratic Party). On April 15, 2020 the president's administration thoughtfully confined itself to 3-phase guidelines on how to reopen the states, leaving the implementation and timing up to the state governors. In that way President Trump takes on the role of observer and judge who is not responsible for coronavirus problems in the future.
That's it. A bunch of Trump's followers will vote for him no matter what. Some of Trump's opponents will vote against "Chinese Biden." Someone will vote for Trump against "bad" governors. That's all the Republicans can do. Well, Trump can also challenge the election results, but this is quite another story.

The Democratic Party's tactics is much simpler and seems to be based on a single point: Joe Biden is not as "bad" as Trump and you know that, so vote for him. They hope that will be enough and have nothing else to offer.

Thus in 2020 the Americans will need to choose the lesser of two evils just like they did in 2016. The people are again the audience in a circus and two magicians show them an old distraction-based magic trick and encourage to make a choice without the choice which means the continuation of the existing course of the country.

The US elite doesn't need to change anything because about 150 million people work for it. The people probably need to change something, but they don't know just what and cannot influence their government in any way - they have been choosing their presidents and congressmen from the same two parties for many years. The show must go on. This is the vicious circle that America is stuck in. Only the US people can get out of it, but first they need to see clearly the tricks they are participating in.

Basically the idea of correct voting is simple - "vote for yourself".
Do not think of Trump or Biden, rights or lefts, Russians or Chinese - think just of yourself and your family because YOU ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as it is stated in the US Constitution. If you SUBJECTIVELY are not happy with the way you live - do not go to vote or vote against all and thus show your overall dissatisfaction. If there are many dissatisfied people, the rulers will get a very powerful call for changes (now they are sure that everything's all right) and the country will start to turn. If you PERSONALLY feel everything is fine - go and vote for Trump or Biden, it doesn't matter since the country will keep following its current course. This is your real choice, not between Trump and Biden, RP and DP.

There is no party or political movement in the US now which demonstrates real understanding of the situation in the country and suggests the plan for the future, based on that understanding. Two main parties are at each other's throats and both offer nothing creative, but just the destructive. That's why the political crisis (and economical one consequently) in the US will just grow. That's why the correct voting is so important now.

The ideal is voting not for the lesser of two "evils", but for the better of the two "goods". If there are no "goods" in the ballot from your subjective point of view - just abstain from voting otherwise America will go deeper into the evil and you become a part of that.


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Igor Chykalov
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