Another Step to the US Collapse

Only those who do not have their own vision and understanding can be manipulated.

Another Step to the US Collapse
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On January 6, 2021, President Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and disrupted the meeting of the US Congressmen, which were going to certify Joe Biden as president. The next night, the Congress did follow through, but it left a bad taste in the mouths of all Americans.

Mr. Trump manipulates his followers. They don't check the facts, don't care about other people's opinions and don't have their own one - they took their idol's opinion instead. Whether it is true or not doesn't matter (and neither to Mr. Trump as well). Trump manipulates his supporters easily and it's a problem for the whole country because there are about 70 million of them.

However, Mr. Trump is really not one of the representatives of classic American establishment. The American elite (Democratic and Republican parties) know how to deceive their people delicately and have long been manipulating the mind of the voter, giving him one or another president to make him thinking that he really elects someone and thus influences the course of the country. And the voter continues to work hard, pay taxes, medical bills, etc., enriching his elites. So it is the supporters of both parties, i.e. almost all American people, who are deceived. And the fact that Joe Biden is coming to the White House now will not change the course of the country. The country is heading to collapse, since it is really divided, but not politically (into "red" and "blue" states), but economically - the Pew Research Center states that
"In 1989, the richest 5% of families had 114 times as much wealth as families in the second quintile (one tier above the lowest), at the median $2.3 million compared with $20,300. By 2016, the top 5% held 248 times as much wealth at the median. (The median wealth of the poorest 20% is either zero or negative in most years we examined.)"

The main problem of the U.S. (as with almost every other country nowadays) is not about the lying elites, but the blind and indifferent (but hard-working) people. The Americans are guilty of letting themselves be deceived by their rulers and not being interested in anything other than the survival. Americans have no desire to try to figure out why they have to survive in the richest country in the world. From this indifference of the American people about their own lives comes irremovability of their rulers. Mr. Biden, for example, has been serving in different offices for more than 40 years and life of an average American became worse from my subjective point of view. Another Democrat (or Republican) will come after Mr. Biden in White House, but the policy of the US elites will not change.
The DP and RP have been ruling the U.S. for about 150 years. It is their fault that US society is divided and the division is deepening (70 million+ voted for Trump, 77 million+ voted for Biden). Under such conditions, the country does not develop, but is waiting in indecision for an unknown future (realistically, a collapse), which ultimately is not needed by Americans or the Democrats and Republicans themselves.

The American elite itself is manipulated by its leaders and is also divided (147 Republicans voted to overturn the election results).


The Biden's program - to fight climate change, reduce economic inequality and slow the coronavirus pandemic - is unfeasible.
He obviously will do something about it, but he will never complete it, because the powerful oil and gas donors of the DP are behind climate change decisions, and the US health and insurance businesses (also donors) are behind the fight against coronavirus.
Reducing economic inequality simply isn't feasible for Democratic Party in general and for Joe Biden personally simply because the Democrats (as well as the Republicans) live at the expense of the inequality. Bees cannot fight honey, and turkeys do not vote for Christmas. So all that is just pre-election wishes to the American people, i.e., populism. Trump did the same things, but in a more silly way (a wall on the border with Mexico).

Those who want to change something in the country (the people of the United States) cannot do that, and those who can (the current government and the elites behind it) do not want to change anything. They are doing just fine - they have more than 300 million people working for them.

Americans (both elites and people) need to file a lawsuit against Mr. Trump and his high-ranking minions for lying and inciting hatred. Otherwise, it will happen again soon. However, it is unlikely that someone will lawsuit Mr. Trump and Co. Why? Because the Democratic and Republican Parties are twin brothers. They work for themselves and thus against the American people as it should be.

P.S. And please, do not get carried away with the idea that the US democracy defended itself yesterday. There is partial democracy in the US. The country became an aristocratic one with elements of meritocracy long ago.


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Igor Chykalov
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