The Jungle of American Law

If the Law cannot convict Mr. Trump, then he is right.
This is the main message of the US Supreme Court to the nation.
Many Americans will now vote for the organizer of the coup attempt.

Image by Maurice de Becque, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Two significant and interconnected events took place for America in the beginning of this week:
- on March 4, the US Supreme Court practically legitimized D. Trump for the presidency of the US;
- on March 5, primary elections were held in many American states (the so-called Super Tuesday) to determine candidates from the two main parties who will compete for the presidency.

Well, Super Tuesday did not bring anything new in terms of the candidates: the clear favorites, as expected, were D. Trump and J. Biden.
Thus, in November 2024 there will be a rematch of the 2020 presidential elections.

The real intrigue was hidden behind the highly anticipated decision of the US Supreme Court to prohibit/allow the state of Colorado to exclude Mr. Trump's name from its ballots.

Can a coup organizer run for the highest office in the land?

The invisible fight between the American Deep State and Mr. Trump continues. A fight that Deep State is clearly losing.

In December 2023, the Deep State made a strong move - the Colorado Supreme Court ruled to remove Mr. Trump's name from the ballot under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. The Section prohibits from office those who has been involved in insurrection after swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution.
Colorado's example was followed in different ways by several other states - Maine, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Oregon. This initiative was very promising.
Mr. Trump, of course, appealed to the US Supreme Court.

On February 6, the Deep State struck again against Mr. Trump.
The New York Times wrote then:
«A panel of three federal appeals court judges today unanimously rejected Donald Trump’s claim that he was immune from prosecution on charges of plotting to subvert the results of the 2020 election because he was president at the time.»
«… The panel’s ruling signaled an important moment in American jurisprudence. Before today, an appeals court had never answered the question of whether former presidents can be held accountable for things they did while in office. And in their ruling, the judges, two appointed by Democrats and one by a Republican, cast Trump’s immunity claims as potentially dangerous.”
“Former President Trump’s stance would collapse our system of separated powers by placing the president beyond the reach of all three branches,” they (the judges – I.C.) wrote».

Finally, everything seemed to have gone fairly and correctly, but… The US Supreme Court decided otherwise.

The US Supreme Court says “yes”.

The Deep State (and the Supreme Court as part of it) is also divided into parts and there is also a struggle within it - six out of nine Supreme Court judges are proteges of the Republican Party and three were appointed by the Democratic presidents.

The US Supreme Court cannot be objective in such matters since the judges are part of the American elite and also make money with their social position. The “independence” of US courts (as well as the Federal Reserve or any other government institution) is a myth. Judges of the Supreme Court are also humans, they think about their future and do not want to have the vindictive Mr. Trump - the likely future president of the US - as their enemy.

So, Mr. Trump will still be allowed to participate in the 2024 presidential elections despite his attempted coup on January 6, 2021.
Therefore, on March 4 the US Supreme Court in a hurry (to make it before Super Tuesday), ruled that no state can influence federal elections with its decisions and ordered the state of Colorado to put Mr. Trump’s name on the ballot.
All 9 judges of the US Supreme Court including 3 judges from the Democratic Party voted unanimously for this decision.
«They said the majority opinion was meant to insulate the court and Mr. Trump “from future controversy.”

What’s interesting: the Supreme Court here paid attention only to the formal side of the matter (the state cannot influence the federal elections), and not real and moral one - that the contender for the post of the US President has been engaged in insurrection, as Colorado court found in November 2023.

The US Supreme Court helps Mr. Trump to take the presidency.

On February 28, the Supreme Court favorably postponed the arguments about Mr. Trump’s immunity claim for late April, which meant any trial would start minimum in September 2024 and the country most likely would not see the verdict before the presidential election.

This is Mr.Trump's desired goal. If he becomes the president, he will simply close all cases against himself. And the likelihood of becoming president if the cases against him are moved until after the elections is greatly increased since 23% of Mr. Trump’s voters are not going to vote for him if he is convicted.
Thus, this decision of the Supreme Court solves 2 problems for Mr. Trump at once.

The jungle of American law may become the law of the jungle for America.

If the Law cannot convict Mr. Trump, then he is innocent and even more - he is right. This is the point of view of an ordinary American who does not have time to delve into the details.

However, there may be another explanation: there is no Law in the US or it works selectively, that is, it does not work as it should. American Themis has to be blindfolded (which means unprejudiced), but she actually looks very carefully at who she is dealing with and, depending on this, assigns guilty or innocent. This also means that there is no Law in the country despite the abundance of laws.

If there is no Law in a country, it lives by the Law of the Jungle.
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