Never Vote for Lesser Evil 2.0

Or you will have that evil for 4 years more.

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I have already published the article with this title in September 2020 - a few months before the US presidential election. Mr. Biden won then.

This article is based on that one, so it is version 2.0 on the same topic. Americans have not added any understanding of the political life in their country during all this time. It seems I will need to write something again closer to the election and it will be the 3.0 version which apparently will change nothing anyway.

The next election of 2024 is still a year or so away and it seems too early to talk about it now, but the campaigns of both major parties have already started and were being actively covered by the press. Also, I think the Americans constantly vote to their own detriment, get upset about their last choice after and then the same thing happens again. It's blindness and/or stupidity, and it's never too early to try to explain that.

I have noticed long ago that if an article (or book) is correctly written, it remains actual for a very long time. I have been observing for many years how the Ukrainians voted not "in favor" of the better candidate, but "against" the worst one. Because of this, in particular, the country has greatly degenerated and weakened, and now Ukraine has to wage a hard war against strong and insidious enemy.

In 2016, Americans also voted not in favor of Mr. Trump, but against Mrs. Clinton (that's what I wrote an article about in September 2020). Mrs. Clinton lost the election in the Electoral College then and many Americans were not happy afterwards with Mr. Trump's presidency. They were right.

In 2020, the Americans voted «against» again. This time against Mr. Trump and therefore in favor of Mr. Biden. If there had been another Democratic candidate, they would have voted for him, too. Thank God, Mr. Trump didn't succeed and the Americans have got Mr. Biden as president which was sort of what they wanted, but many people were dissatisfied again. They are right, too.

That's the way it should be if the candidates from both major parties are not suitable to be the president of the US.

Polls show now that many Americans are unhappy with both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump. I know that after the election the people will be dissatisfied again no matter who becomes the next president, and it's not about the Americans themselves, or rather, it's not just about the Americans.
It's because:
1) both major parties in the country can't solve the country's problems that are piling up;
2) the Americans don't know how to vote correctly and they therefore constantly vote to their own detriment.

Thus, the main question of my September 2020 article remains actual (and, unfortunately, will remain so until the very end of the US) — who to vote for if both main candidates are not suitable for the US presidency from your subjective point of view?

The answer to this question is very simple and is in the title of this article: never vote for lesser evil if you don’t want to have that evil for 4 years more.
It seems simple and straightforward, but... Another question arises which is terrible in its simplicity: who to vote for if not Democrats or Republicans?

The same question is probably asked by many inhabitants of other democratic and not so democratic countries who realize that the government and opposition in their countries are basically the same. For example, the Brazilians are now keeping their former president J. Bolsonaro out of power which is undemocratic, but very correct thing. And then who to vote for if all the candidates on the ballot are thieves, cheaters and corruptionists?

You can find the answer to this question below.

Results of the polls on the topic.

Recent public opinion polls made by “The New York Times” show that 43% of the US voters are now willing to vote for Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump each.

Mr. Trump is now the sole front-runner in the race for the RP nomination.

Mr. Biden has slightly improved his rating and would most likely represent the democrats in the race for the nation's highest office.

So, the next election in 2024 is likely to be a rematch Mr. Biden - Mr. Trump, and Mr. Trump could very possibly be the next president, if neither of them die before then. Both contenders are well past their venerable ages and Mr. Biden looks especially bad.

It's odd that in the country that claims to be #1 in the world with millions of Democrats and Republicans there are no any healthy younger candidates for the main office. This is an ageing and degradation of the elite and a problem for the nation, since the elite makes the decisions for entire country.

It is 43 (Biden)+43 (Trump) = 86% now. 100-86=14%.
14% of voters are not supporting either candidate right now, and they're not going to vote at all in the next presidential election, although some of them will probably still support Democrats or Republicans at the last moment. A good journalist D. Leonhardt in his article conditionally called them “NOTA” (Neither Of The Above) and even drew a statistical portrait of the average NOTA voter. I call them «NPA” (No Party Affiliated) or «against all” voters.

These people don't seem to realize how right they are in their thinking, but unfortunately they are in the minority. If NOTA (NPA) voters were around 50% in the country, then any US government would become illegal and would need to do something urgently about that.

My few observations of political life in the US.

Let me cite here some of my observations, which I touch on and cover in one way or another in all my articles about the US:

- Every nation (like every person) is basically to blame for all their own misfortunes. This means that the Americans vote incorrectly if they are unhappy with their lives and there is a democracy in the US.

- Every nation consists of the elites (in the US they are DP and RP) and “We, the people”. People create the material wealth of the country, and the elites distribute it. The US elites distribute the material wealth mostly into their own pockets, and yet they are constantly impoverish the people with the help of inflation which is artificially created by the Federal Reserve.

- The Americans have no influence over their elites and, despite their constant dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in the country, they keep continually electing the representatives of DP and RP to the US government. Since the 1850s, either DP or RP have won every US presidential election since 1852 and controlled the US Congress since at least 1856.
The same thing happens at the level of the states.
It's a monopoly on power of the two major parties with the illusion of a choice for the citizens, which I often refer to as "a choice without a choice."
There are no federal referendums in the US because they are disadvantageous to the elites.

- Only the people can put the elites in their place, however the Americans are too busy with earning money and have no time and understanding for that. They have handed over the entire decision-making process in the country to their elites who didn't need to change anything.

- Since DP and RP cannot agree on most of the current issues now, the country has come to a halt in its development, and like a ship without a crew is doomed to drift in unknown direction without rudder and sails on the will of the waves and currents. The problems pile up, the conflicts escalate and the country degenerates. Both major parties have nothing interesting to offer to their voters except the old boring fuss about unsolvable issues of corruption, inflation, health care, environment and secondary ones of LGBT, firearms, crimes, voter fraud, immigration, abortion, marijuana, etc.

- Thus, one of the two major US parties wins the elections every time, but the US people lose the elections every time, judging by the incumbent presidents rating. For example, currently 54% of Americans disapprove the President Bidens’ performance.
And afterward, it is practically impossible to evaluate the results of the tenure of almost any recent US president, Democrat or Republican - just take a look at two Mr. Obama’s terms, Mr. Trump's one or Mr. Biden's current presidency. Do they deserve the nice presidential pension? Are there no positive results, almost none, or they are impossible to evaluate? All together.
This is because of the fact that not the truth is being born in political struggle in the US, but just the political struggle. Both major parties extol their victories, hush up their failures, stigmatize each other and change at the helm of the country, but nothing happens. Time goes by, prices rise, peoples' standards of living fall and inflation eats away at the savings.
Can any average American say their lives have gotten better under Obama/Trump/Biden? I personally feel that I can afford less, the coronavirus has added much to the fuss under Mr. Trump and the number of scandals in and around government has increased markedly. Prices have risen noticeably under President Biden, although inflation in the US is not Mr. Biden's fault alone, but the years of flawed monetary policy of the US elites implemented by the Fed.

All this is the result of constant "choice without a choice of the lesser evil" - the country is guaranteed to have the "evil" after the elections, so it gradually degenerates and that has been going on for a while.

So, who to vote for if both main candidates are not suitable for the US presidency from your subjective point of view?

Americans genuinely believe (and both major parties are very supportive of this) that it is mandatory to vote for one of the proposed candidates in an election and in that way supposedly express their opinions and participate in the political life of the country. No.

First of all, voting is not obligatory. Such a vote is necessary only for the two ruling parties to justify their stay at the helm of the country and their actions "on behalf of the people".

And secondly - it is almost meaningless to vote, since the expression of opinion for Americans is limited to supporting either the DP or the RP. This is what I call a "choice without a choice". In this way, both parties create a mandate of trust for themselves, and an impression of well-being for the nation.

Many authoritarian leaders act in the same way.

The answer to a “terrible” question “who to vote for if not Democrats or Republicans».

Indeed, who should we vote for if not Democrats or Republicans? For sure not for the third-party candidates - they will never win the election... Yes, they won't, and not because they are "kept out" by DP and RP, but because they have nothing interesting to offer to the voters, too.

The correct answer to the "terrible" question is: vote for thyself. This means that if no party or candidate offers you a simple, understandable program of solving the country’s current problems and the direction of its development - vote «against all» in the ballot or do not vote at all. Express your true PERSONAL opinion at last. This will be the opinion of the country, because you and your family are «The United Sates of America.”

Americans who don't like both presidential candidates (I'm guessing there are many more of them than 14% mentioned above) and the state of affairs in the country can go 2 ways to make their opinions heard by the government if they need to.
1. A complicated but possible way (something like Ohio voters did recently for abortion access for the state's women) is to put a "do not support either candidate" clause on the ballot and vote "against all" afterward.
2. A simple, but not easy way is not to vote at all. This simple point requires deep comprehension to see the real hidden power of its application in practice. Americans have never tried it, and the American elites subconsciously fear it like death.

P. S. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with my former neighbor Mr. Peter. I'd like to ask him the same question I asked him in 2020 - who is he going to vote for in 2024? I am sure he (like many Americans now) has the same problem again like it was in 2016 and 2020: he doesn't like both candidates and will vote at the last moment at random.
It would have been better if he had not voted at all and expressed his true personal opinion in that way: "I am dissatisfied and therefore do not support any candidate".

I have changed nothing in the original article of September 2020.
Please, find it below and enjoy.

Never Vote for Lesser Evil

Or you will have that evil for 4 years more.

September 3, 2020

The most disputable question now in the USA (besides coronavirus and related big socio-economic problems) is who to vote for at the forthcoming presidential election. As for me the question should sound a little differently - who to vote for if both main candidates are not suitable for the US presidency?

I am positioning this article as "Self Improvement". The country consists of citizens and each citizen will vote accordingly to his or her current understanding. Everyone will be influenced for the next 4 years by the government he or she votes for in November, so for not being disappointed after the one needs to improve the understanding.

In summer 2016 I got acquainted with one of my neighbors named Peter. He was a very nice elderly gentlemen, the head of our HOA. Once in a conversation it turned out that he has been thinking for a long while about who to vote for - Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump - for presidency. He was a Republican and did not like Clinton, but he did not like Trump either. He couldn't make a final decision until the election day as I knew. In the very end he chose the lesser of two evils and voted for Trump. Then I moved to another place and stopped meeting him.

4 years have passed and I decided to write to Peter recently:
«Hello, Peter,

I'm writing an article about coming Presidential Election and need your help.

We talked before the Presidential Election 2016 and I remembered that you couldn't choose for a long while who to vote for then - Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump. Now, after 4 years, the situation is very similar. Can you, please, answer me a few questions?

1. Are you registered Republican or Democrat voter now?
2. Who did you vote for at Presidential Election in 2016?
3. Are you satisfied with your choice now?
4. How do you rate Mr. Trump as the President?
5. Do you think Mrs. Clinton would be doing better as the President?
6. Was the life of your family improved within last 4 years from your subjective point of view? Has it become worse?
7. Who are you going to vote for presidency in November 2020?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

He answered me the next day:

Glad to hear from you.
- I am registered as a Republican.
- I voted for Trump in 2016 since I knew Clinton was conflicted by her position with Clinton Fund soliciting money from countries as a favor for her intercession on their behalf.
- I am satisfied with Trump’s accomplishments but very dissatisfied that his ego determines his conduct. Trump had failed to accomplish so much due to his ego. He is a former Democrat who could have worked more closely with Senator Schumer and Rep Pelosi to get much more needed legislation.
- Clinton was too closely tied to their foundation asking foreign leaders for money and thus was very conflicted.
- Our lives are much the same. Local and state issues affect us more than national ones.
- Not sure who I will vote for. I don’t like Trump and don’t trust Biden. He says he is a Progressive Democrat and his wife says he is moderate. Very confusing.



I wonder how normal people choose the inappropriate partners, jobs or scoundrel politicians and then spend tons of nerves, money and time to get rid of them. It would be easier not to choose them from the beginning, but obviously people had to know how to choose the right person beforehand. And it seems that the Americans (and not only them) do not know how to do that.

It's actually very simple.
If you PERSONALLY like how the country is doing now in general, then go and vote for Trump or Biden. These two parties have been ruling the country for over 150 years and your "choice" will change nothing. The country will keep going its current course, which you PERSONALLY approve at that case.

If you PERSONALLY feel that something is wrong and has to be changed, but no candidate offers what you PERSONALLY like:
1. go and vote "against all" if you have such option in the ballot.
2. don't go to vote at all if you have no "against all" option and thus report about your dissatisfaction. At least you won't be ashamed later, like many people are now ashamed with president Trump's behavior.

This is the essence of the democracy - to give your real (not distorted) PERSONAL feedback. You don't need to read newspapers, expert opinions, very clever books and know the results of public opinion polls. You shouldn't think globally or for the whole country - just for yourself. Since YOU ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Just let your elite know your personal subjective feeling whether you are doing better or worse. You don't need anything else to vote correctly. If many people do so, the American elites which are Republicans and Democrats will have to change something. Now they are sure everything's all right in the country other than coronavirus stuff.

Unfortunately, many Americans choose (without a choice) the lesser evil like my former neighbor Peter does, predictably getting the evil for the next 4 years. I've seen that many times in Ukraine - they voted not "in favor" of the better candidate, but "against" the worst one. It's a dead-end road.

P.S. I think the Americans do not understand the power of "against all" voting or boycott of the elections, so the US will keep following its dead-end road under the leadership of Republicans and Democrats.
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