Comment on clowns and provocateurs

This is my original commentary to an article at about clowns and provocateurs (December 15, 2019).

Clowns are either very smart or very stupid, it's funny to watch them in both cases.
The United States are unlucky in this regard.

Comment on clowns and provocateurs
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Yes, Boris Johnson is a clown and a "lovable scamp", but he's a smart guy and promotes his vision of Great Britain's future as best as he can.
And he succeeds, judging by the results of the elections to British Parliament on December 12, 2019.

By the way, that doesn't mean he and his Conservative Party are right about Brexit. They think it would be better without the EU and may be mistaken. The bad thing is that the results of the 2016 referendum were misinterpreted.
The decision to leave the EU is not really made by all British, that's why Brexit is stuck so hard, so there is no need to do anything. The Britons have to wait until the situation clarifies for them, but Boris Johnson, as it usually happens with all leaders, "leads" Great Britain out of the EU and is therefore mistaken. He is wrong not in terms of the leaving itself, but in terms of timing. I think Great Britain should not leave the EU especially now. Why? The European Union will fall apart quite soon (I think it will not survive the next European Parliament elections in 2024), so everything will be resolved by itself. And there will be no need to pay off to the EU around 40 billion GBP for Brexit.

Yes, Trump is also a clown, but a stupid one.
However, he was elected by the Americans. Apparently, to laugh a little and not to get bored. Now neither Americans, nor Europeans, nor Kurds, nor Russians, nor South Koreans, nor Chinese are bored. A stupid clown at the helm of a big country is a serious problem for everyone, including the citizens of that country. And Trump is very serious. However, a serious face is not yet a sign of intelligence and serious intentions. The most stupid things on earth were done with just a serious countenance.

Yes, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are provocateurs.
Mr. Johnson provokes with his pranks, and Mr. Trump provokes with his unpredictable stupidity. This is their way (Johnson's one is conscious, Trump's one is subconscious) to achieve their goals. Provocations and provocateurs have always been there and always would exist. And that is not bad or good. A good provocation destroys wrong things and strengthens the right ones. For example, I haven't smoked for 20 years and you wouldn't provoke me to smoke in any way, because I've made up my mind. That's what provocateurs are for. It's their job to destroy what is nonviable. Sometimes it may be a country. I can explain that in more details, but don't want to digress from the topic.

Populism and populists are a myth that has gained strength over the past 5-10 years. However, every politician must be a populist, just like every good merchant must lie a little bit, otherwise he will not sell anything. Populism and populists flourish if there is no understanding of how people really want to organize the life of their country. However, it is a worldwide disease, not only the American or British one.

The author says: "The U.K.'s situation might by now sound familiar to Americans, and, much like the referendum result in 2016, Johnson's victory - a Conservative majority this time - portends ugliness ahead across the ocean."
No, it's enough of ugliness in the US itself. The main freak now is Donald Trump, which nevertheless has a good chance of being re-elected in 2020. However, he will be re-elected (or not) by the Americans like it was in 2016. And saying that someone else (even Putin) can impose his will on America in electoral process means considering the Americans stupid and manipulable people. They simply are very busy and do not know how to vote correctly.

P.S. In any case, the people cannot influence their rulers either in America, or in Great Britain. So the rulers are making fools of their nations and of themselves for a good salary. Somebody does that in a stupid way, somebody does the same in a funny manner.


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Igor Chykalov
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