Presidential Debates - Old Men Quarrel

Both candidates are old. Just like 3 out of 4
last Soviet rulers were before the breakdown of the USSR.

Presidential Debates - Old Men Quarrel
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Really, 3 out of 4 last General Secretaries of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union were old enough to pass away while being on duty: Leonid Brezhnev (in the age of 76), Yuri Andropov (70), Konstantin Chernenko (74). The only exception was Mikhail Gorbachev - he was around 60 years old when USSR collapsed in 1991 and the collective West credited him for that which was not correct. Everything was prepared for him before.

The American nation is degenerating also, and this can be seen in particular by the age of the two "best" representatives of the elite - presidential candidates from two major parties.

On September 29 the first presidential debates 2020 were held. There is no point in retelling - over 73 million people watched them. The debates "prompt shock, despair and, in China, glee".

Trump is 74. He is a striking and rare (so far) example of today's American elite - arrogant, ignorant boorish and spiteful clown, and he behaved like that at debates. Actually he is entirely new type of American politician. There were many guys like him in post-Soviet Ukraine. They have been called "new Ukrainians" (in Russia the name was "new Russians") - arrogant, boorish "rags to riches" guys in politics and business who had a common quality - they gave a damn about others.

Mr. Trump behaves just like them. He is a liar. He does not take a responsibility as the president and is clearly not interested in such trifles like coronavirus or climate change in comparison to his re-election. And with all that he has a good chance of being re-elected. A new CNBC-Change Research survey after the debate shows that Mr. Biden leads now 54% over 41%. First, I'm looking here at 41%. Second, I'm still sure that in the case of Biden's victory in November Mr. Trump won’t acknowledge the election results and will try to get himself elected president by court decision under the threat of a civil war. As the alternative he will offer a kind of armed conflict with a little help of those 41% and I know what the judges will choose.

Joe Biden is 77. He is a classic representative of the "old" traditional elite of the US like Reagan, Clinton or Obama - well-educated professional politician with basically good manners, who devoted his life to serving America. Everything other than his age looks good, but...

1. Evil tongues say about Mr. Biden's senile dementia which may be credible taking into consideration the age. And a simple question comes to my mind - was it impossible to find a relatively healthy person for presidency among almost 330 million of Americans? It seems no.
A similar situation has occurred in Ukraine in October 2004. Then-President Leonid Kuchma blessed then-Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych for presidency and even Vladimir Putin came to Kiev to support this choice with his authority and participate in the celebration of 60th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from Nazis. Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko was invited as well. There was a rumor then that President Kuchma complained to Vladimir Putin about possible failure of the election of Victor Yanukovych for presidency because of his two (Yanukovych's) criminal convictions. Yes, Ukrainian Prime Minister had two previous criminal convictions which were formally expunged by then. Alexander Lukashenko asked a very logical question with all his Belarusian simplicity - was it impossible to find the candidate for presidency without a criminal record among almost 50 million of citizens? Other guests were taken aback first, but then laughed at him, so Lukashenko took offense and left, being entirely right. And Victor Yanukovych did become the fourth president of Ukraine in 2010, but was removed from the office by 2014 Ukrainian revolution and currently lives in exile in Russia. That's what I call "degeneration" of a nation and it started even before 2004 in Ukraine.

2. Joe Biden is in big politics over 40 years. He served as a United States Senator for Delaware from 1973 to 2009 and then as the 47th vice president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. He was a chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he helped, supported, fought, opposed, oversaw, resolved... I believe he did the best of himself.
And now let everyone ask thyself whether life in the country became better within last 40+ years since Joe Biden had taken his first office for the prosperity of all citizens, not just for himself and the elite.
All politicians are good, but where the bad politics come from then?

Current rulers of the US care about themselves first and do not care about their people, more (like Mr. Trump) or less (like Mr. Biden). The founding fathers of the US did. They wrote the Declaration of Independence just having the desire to change the country for the better and common sense. Neither of that is present in the current elites. The founding fathers were able to write fair laws and a pretty good Constitution, which worked for America already for 232 years.

And one more visible distinction - the founding fathers were a part and parcel of the people then.
Now the political elites in the U.S. - both Republicans and Democrats - are only saying that they are a part of the people before the elections. In fact, they live, work and rest separately, their children attend separate prestigious schools and universities... And they do not live by the laws they create for the country. A good example here is the Trump's refusal to publish his Income Tax Return for a long time. Most likely the taxpayers will not see his taxes until the re-election despite recent scandalous publication of his tax-related information in The New York Times.
The U.S. elite has degenerated to Trump's level during last 232 years. The country has degraded from George Washington to the choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Do you see the trend?

There will be two more rounds of debates with just more fun for the Chinese, but the main question at coming presidential election is not about the candidates, coronavirus pandemic, economic collapse or Russian (Chinese, Iranian, etc) interference in the election. It is about the Americans.

The U.S. is divided into a wealth-creating majority and wealth-distributing minority, and the current rulers seem to genuinely believe that their privileged position in American society is rightfully deserved by them. The classic definition of such approach is "aristocracy" ("the rule of the best").
Being “the best”, the U.S. elite degenerated to Trump’s level as well as the US people had degenerated as free and sane citizens. Actually, the people's election of the president is a fiction, since the presidents in the US are really elected by the Electoral College and we may see this difference at work after the Electoral College voting in December 2020. And then the whole nation has to share the responsibility of the elite's choice according to the rule "tell me who your president is and I'll tell you who you are".
The elite makes decisions for the whole nation, having neither competency nor empathy for their people, and the worst here is the fact that Americans do not understand and even are not interested to know why their life is deteriorating.

P.S. I haven't watched the debates - I knew what would happen. Trump is absolutely predictable in the sense that he turns everything he touches into a shit. On September, 29 73+ million of the Americans were fed with this shit and they are going to get some more - on October 15 and 29.


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Igor Chykalov
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